July 11, 2017

EMS Meeting 4-13-17

Attendees: Scott McKenzie, Matt LaFrance, Mona Saddler, Sharleen Manzione, Brent Palmer, KD
Simpson, Brandon Smoot, Eric Grange, Paul Wimmer, Regina Nelson, Glenn Reinicke, Joe Carnell, Beckie Boekweg

































April 11, 2017

EMS Meeting 4-11-17

Attendees: Justin Huffman, Kevin Russell, Kevin Bowman, Neil Dymock, Bucky Whitehouse, Randy Willden, Jason Smith, Rob Critchlow, Travis Daniels, Casey Phillips, Beckie Boekweg

1. Call to Order

a. Joe Carnell called the meeting to order at

2. Welcome/Introductions

a. This committee will be held quarterly

3. Sign Roll

4. Review/Approve previous minutes

5. County EMS Committee

a. Review Resolution 2002-01

b. Discuss concept and ideas moving forward

c. Sub Committee (monthly) and Full Committee (quarterly)

6. Review Roster

a. Additions/Removals

i. Minutes and Invites will only be sent to the “1st Designee”, it is on them to share

ii. Email list will be “cleaned up” appropriately

iii. Conference call number will be providedbefore each meeting for participants.

7. Review “2017 Tasks”

a. Priority 1. Establish a working document, to track current and future projects of committee

i. Anyone on the committee and/or individual agencies may add and work on projects

ii. Document will be stored on google drive and google calendar will be used to track exercises and training.

8. Roundtable:

a. Tooele County:

i. There will be 3 exercises occurring in 2017. All EMS providers are encouraged to participate.

ii. Capt Sorenson of the Tooele Army National Guard will be participating with Dugway in future exercises. They are for a true mass casualty incident. In 2018 Dugway will be conducting a mass care exercise.

1. Needs to be planned when all agencies can participate.

iii. The Forecast for the southern end of Tooele Valley is there will be a lot of recreational activity.There is a potential for cyclical risks. Will increase EMS responses.

b. Ambulance:

i. Dugway has a lot of training planned. Would like to see the utilization of State assets for training. CDP training in Anniston Alabama is free. Contact Afton with questions.

c. First Responders:

i. TEAD-CST exercise on 24th. Regional Fire School Apr 28-29th

ii. There is conversation in the south area to determine whether they should be sending their responders out of their area.

d. Public Safety/Law

i. Regina has accepted an offer to work for Utah Valley Special Service District. She will be joining Utah County. April 20th will be her last day. Chief Deputy Bryan White will be overseeing all Dispatch issues at that point.

e. Air Medical:

f. At Large:

g. State BEMS:

h. Dr Bradley:

i. Would like to see this committee have some influence on the elected officials for the EMS component. It needs to grow not be diminished. Poor EMS response will negatively affect business and their development. This not only affects EMS but also fire, law, hazmat etc. There is great liability for all municipalities and the county.

i. Hospital:

i. Decon trailer is off balance and needs some attention.

January 01, 2017

EMS Meeting 1-10-17

Attendees: Joe Carnell, Matt LaFrance, Scott McKenzie, Cassandra Ray, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg, Cory Cox

Excused:Tami Goodin, Shar Manzione, Randy Willden, Regina Nelson

1. Welcome/ Introductions

a. Joe Carnell called the meeting to order at 10:06.

2. Sign Roll

3. Review Approve Previous Minutes

a. Scott McKenzie made motion to approve. Seconded by Cassandra Ray. All in favor.

4. 2016 Review

a. Large increase of call volume throughout County.

i. Joe expects the volume to continue to increase. Will need more in-depth training to go along with growth.

b. Multiple MCI’s (resource management calls)

5. 2017 Moving Forward

a. EMS Committee Structure and responsibilities

i. Would like to see EMS Committee come back together with full representation from all partners.

ii. Joe will work on getting all the right people to the meeting.

iii. ESF 8 component could be added to the EMS meeting. Does County Charter need to be amended for that?

1. Scott provided and ESF 8 EOP draft and will be attached to the minutes.

iv. Meeting needs to have substance and there are enough county issues at hand to discuss.

v. Bucky did an overview of the EMS Resolution 2014-17. Will be attached to minutes.

b. Order of importance for EMS Committee

i. Solidifying committee is #1

ii. Defining issues in county and clarifying

c. Large event permits/agency notifications

i. Would like committee to address the large event permits issue in the next 3 months. Notification for agencies is the big issue.

1. Bucky would like to have 3-4 members of EMS committee to come up with some language for the permit

2. Scott added that some language for reimbursement for standbys needs to be added to permit.

a. Cassandra will share NTFD standby policy for template.

d. County Protocols

i. Sub Committees can be formed to go over individual protocols.

ii. Dispatch has the only current county protocols.

iii. MOU’s need to be tied in to all this and ESF 8.

iv. Need to check with other agencies outside Tooele County to see if we can use their protocols as templates.

v. There is a small pot of contract money to hire clerical staff to compile all information for the EMS Committee.

e. Training

i. In House

ii. Multiple Agencies/Departments/Facilities

iii. Out of County Resources

1. Would like to see training written into protocols for accountability.

2. Would like to see more outreach.

6. Roundtable

a. Health Dept-Scott McKenzie

b. NTFD-Cassandra Ray-nothing to report

c. Emergency Management-Bucky Whitehouse-Search and Rescue have a shortage of body bags for fatalities. There needs to be a central repository for those supplies. Need systemized approach for use of supplies.

d. Air Med-Cory Cox-They will be having a dispatch education day on March 2nd. In Sept they will have an EMS leadership retreat. Air Med now has a free APP Metro Alert. Affiliate with the University of Utah when you download.

7. Next Meeting

a. Sub Committee Meeting Feb 14 that 10:00 AM at the EOC.

b. Full EMS Committee meeting April 11 that 10:00 at the EOC.

Dec 13, 2016
Oct 11, 2016
June 8, 2016
March 8, 2016

EMS Meeting 3-8-16

Attendees: Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg, Zach Robinson, KD Simpson, Regina Nelson, Neal Dymock, Tracy Schaffer, Matt LaFrance, Shar Manzione, Tami Goodin, Brandon Smoot

  1. Welcome and Approval of December 8, 2015 minutes
    • Meeting was called to order at 9:06 by Tracy Schaffer
    • Regina Nelson made motion to approve Dec 2015 minutes. Neal Dymock seconded. All in favor.
  2. State Business
    • Tami Goodin brought information from the State.
      • There are new medications that have a shortage. There are only 6 months’ extensions on expiration dates.
      • Grants- competitive application due to State by March 28. All agencies eligible for $1500 flat CME. No County prioritization this year due to lack of funding. Medical equipment and Training are the two competitive categories.
      • Fiscal reporting guidelines had audit. FRG has been redone for transporting agencies. Go on website to see changes.
      • Mapping Tool- website has mapping tool for agencies boundaries. Make sure you put agency name and review the boundaries.
      • Instructor conferences- current instructor conference will be 1 day. The 2 day conference will be in Aug in Provo this year.
      • Raul Garcia has taken a new position. Dan will be doing inspections. Tami will be doing licensing and designations.
  1. Hospital & Ambulance Update
    • Tracy Schaffer
      • Her last day at MWMC is Wed. She will be going to the TATC. Not sure when her old position at MWMC will be filled.
      • Mtn West Works Dept. is in Stansbury now.
  2. Old Business
    • None
  3. New Business
    • Bucky Whitehouse- Admin support responsibilities have shifted from the Health Dept. to Emergency Management. Thank you to Kristen for her support of the EMS group. Beckie will be the new support person. Her email is bboekweg@tcem.org
  4. Emergency Management Business
    • Bucky Whitehouse- NTFD request for licensure hearing will be April 8th at 10:00 AM- 11 PM to be held at Emergency Management 15 E 100 So in the training room. There is a public notice out in the Tooele Transcript. It will run for 3 weeks. Public is welcome to submit any comments. That will help the hearing officer to understand what citizens of Tooele County would like.The Hearing Officer will submit recommendation to State Health Director for final decision.
    • Medical based training will be made more available in Tooele at Emergency Management as long as participation allows. Would like to hold 1 per month.
      • TEEX training will be held at Emergency Management on March 28-29. Please RSVP to bboekweg@tcem.org
      • A CPR training will be held in April.
  5. Health Department Business
    • Matt LaFrance- would like to invite everyone to an exercise on April 28th. Virtual table top exercise on Genus Effect. Scenario is infectious disease outbreak. Flyer will be included with minutes. You need to sign up on UTRAIN to participate.
  6. Roundtable
      • Tami Goodin- State of Utah – Mtn West Attorney emailed that he has Federal Court March 18-April 5. Hearing may be moved to April 7 or 8th for NTFD request for licensure.
      • Neal Dymock-Tooele South Area- Now works at liberty tax, EMS and anyone in healthcare can have their taxes done for free. Bring ID.
      • Regina Nelson- Dispatch- questions on CME grant for Tami Goodin.
      • Zach Robinson- U of U healthcare- EMS Grand Rounds today. CME credits available. Trauma lectures. Trying to incorporate archived files that can be watched anytime and still receive credits for them. Individuals need to account to their agency for CME credits. All lectures can be found on youtube.
      • Casey Snyder- Wendover Ambulance-
        ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support
        PEPP – Pediatric Education for Prehospital Providers
        PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support
        PHTLS – Prehospital Trauma Life Support
        AMLS – Advanced Medical Life SupportAll three levels of AHA CPR: Healthcare Provider, Workplace, Friends/Family

        We hold the courses at least once per quarter.  We’re happy to hold courses for other agencies needing CME.  Or if companies need CPR/First Aid.  CPR/First Aid is free for civic organizations (Boy Scouts, etc.) and schools. Our training coordinator is Fernando.  He can be reached at our office 775-664-2081 from Fri-Mon.

  7. Adjourn
    • Matt LaFrance made motion to adjourn.
  8. Next Meeting
    • June 7th 10:00 AM in Wendover at Wendover Ambulance, Please RSVP to bboekweg@tcem.org if you are planning to attend.
December 8, 2015

EMS 12-8-15

Attendees: Bucky, Chief Tate, Neal Dymock, Brandon Smoot, Joe, Carnell, Sharleen Manzione, Chief Willden, Tracy Schaffer, Tami Goodin, Regina Nelson, Heather Prescott, Zach Robinson, Kristen Bolinder

  1. Welcome and Approval of September 8, 2015 Minutes
    • Chief Tate called the meeting to order. Tracy made motion to approve the September 8, 2015 Minutes, Chief Willden seconded, All in favor.
  2.  Election
    • Nominations for Head Chair for 2016
      • Joe Carnell with MWMC was nominated by Chief Willden and accepted the nomination, Tracy seconded, All in favor.
  3. State Business
    • Buearu Grants this next cycle. $650,000 unique way to distribute. $1,500 for each agency, non-matching. Will bring back competitive, training and per capita. They will be asking for rosters.
      Local Agencies, City, County, and Hospital will be more involved in cost and quality control. They will be coming up with a template for that.
  4. Hospital & Ambulance Update
    • Joe Carnell is the new Director.
  5. Old Business
    • Regina brought MOU’s with her. She has First Responder, Clean Harbors, DCD, TEAD and some that may not apply. Tracy brought hers as well.
      • Bucky has been asked to make a master list for the County so they have a better understanding and will know what will need to be updated. Regina stated they have some MOU’s that haven’t been updated since 2003, Chief Willden’s are the most up to date she has.
  6. New Business:
    • Regina stated Heather has printouts. An update with a new version of the PRO QA system will be coming out.
    • New CPR instructions for neo-natal, will only be using for quality assurance.
  7. Health Department Business:
    • Bucky stated he has met with Commissioners twice regarding EMS issues in the County. He will draft a letter of concern or support to try to help the NTFD and MWMC to grant licensure for North Tooele. They want to lend their support in making a decision.
    • Bucky would like the group to get their own Local County Guidelines, County Infrastructure and a good system for EMS that will be more active than we have been in the past. He will be sending out policies and summaries of what MOU’s look like.
    • Emergency Management is committed to Tooele EMS and they have a new EMS Website where everything will be able to be posted such as minutes, trainings, recent events, etc. We will need information from everyone in the group. The site is still under construction, please visit it and give us feedback.
      • EMS protocols may be added to the site. Chief Willden stated that it he would like it linked to State Rule. Bucky would like it to be an information clearing house.
    • Bucky stated Emergency Management TP3 is Tooele Public Private Partnership where the Government is going out and engaging the business committee. All EMS providers meeting quarterly as it relates to training, etc. The Business Community wants to know if this group can help provide education and training. We will work with them to employ a new information system. More details will be explained at a later time.
    • Current issues coming up. Active Shooter, CPR, Life Safety, etc.
      • Does anyone have any medics that would like to be part of a team for the Active Shooter Exercise?
        • Tracy is exploring getting extra vests and how EMS can integrate with that. Joe will ask the Police Chiefs to work on it.
        • Chief Willden said it sounds good but is a very expensive program. He thinks that everyone who wants tactical medic training should be able to get it.
          • Joe stated that everyone wants the training but the funding has to come from somewhere even if they have to split the cost.
          • Chief Willden stated that they have only done training from the awareness level and that a County wide training is needed so everyone is doing the same thing. He would like to have a policy developed.
          • Brandon suggested talking to other agencies.
          • Regina stated that the County used to pay for law enforcement to get EMT training. They would need to pass the course before the County would pay for it.
          • Joe stated that Weber offers Buddy Aid, Self Aid, Team Aid, Stop the Bleeding Yourself, etc. Figure out the cost and what program would work best.
          • Chief Tate stated military protocols, Self Aid, Buddy Aid and carrying some items with the.
          • Bucky would like to have a separate meeting on tactical medicine. All are invited to attend. A policy would be great to have in place to practice during the full scale exercise to see if it’s going to work.
            • Joe, Neal, Shar, Regina and Chief Willden would like to be invoved. Chief Tate, on the Federal side. Bucky will get something scheduled.
          • Bucky stated training medical response to bombing will be no charge to students. Asked if this group would like to promote: MGT348 to include DHS FEMA funded course. They are looking for 30 – 40 people per class.
            • Everyone said they would like to help promote the class.
            • Fill the class with County people first then all anyone else who would like to attend.
            • Chief Tate would like to send people.
            • Shar stated the State may be offering this in April.
              • Tami said she didn’t know.
            • Bucky stated the Bomb Squad would like to train on a course.
          • Zach with Trauma Services with the University Hospital said they can help with training. EMS specific education, live stream. Crews can watch for CME’s. They would like to help in anyway they can. They get a lot of trauma cases from Tooele, MWMC gives them the most business and referrals.
            • Zach will send Bucky a Email regarding public/private business partnership and he would like to be involved in helping with the exercises.
          • Active Shooter Exercise
            • Bucky stated their will be three to four different scenarios and it will be held at Clarke Johnson Jr High. He would like to surge the different agencies. Businesses would like their won active shooter policies.
  8. 2016 Meeting Dates
    • March 8, 2016 @ Tooele EOC
      • June 7, 2016 @ Wendover Ambulance
      • September 13, 2016 @ Tooele EOC
      • December 13, 2016 @ Tooele EOC
    • Adjourn
      • Chief Willden motioned to adjourn, Neil seconded, all in favor.
June 9, 2015

EMS Meeting 6-9-15

Attendees:  Randy Willden,  Cassandra Ray, Beckie Boekweg, KD Simpson, Tracy Schaffer, Bryson Westbrook, Laura Snyder, Casey Snyder, Frankie Hurst, Bucky Whitehouse, John Gollaher, Shar Manzione

Excused: Regina Nelson, Craig Tate, Dr Russell Bradley, Tami Goodin

  1. Welcome and Approval of April 14, 2015 Minutes
    • Bucky called the meeting to order at 10:15. Bryson Westbrook made motion to approve. Frankie Hurst seconded. All in favor.
  2. Health Dept Update
    • Bucky- Still in the process of working on the response protocols. We have a contract employee working on these plans.
    • Incident regarding 3 yr old and car accident- there were question with holding the body and billing. What is the guideline when medical services are asked to remove the body and hold?
      1. Casey- usually bodies are turned over to troopers to hold until mortuary arrives.
      2. Bryson- depends on what ME wants. This case was fine with taking body out of ambulance and moving.
      3. This group needs to establish what will be the guideline for this situation.
      4. How do we educate Law Enforcement on EMS policy for body removal and holding?
      5. Body will usually go to the hospital. If its an obvious fatality the body should not be put in ambulance.
      6. Bryson- ME would prefer to have body remain on scene. ME can have response time issues.
      7. Randy- his crew will work with bodies of children and transport to hospital regardless.
      8. Bucky- ME office will have to deal with EMS decision.
      9. Laura- we cant leave bodies on scene for hours.
      10. Bucky- He will work on draft policy and send out to group.  This will be a guideline and will go on a case by case issue.
      11. Randy- this issue needs to get to deputies and trooper and ME.
      12. Laura- would like to see sheriff send back their thoughts on draft policy so we can all be on the same page.
    • Mental Health Transport- Bucky talked with aging services about their ability to transport mental health clients on their shuttle.  They are interested in talking more to EMS about transporting mental health patients and how it could be interfaced.
      1. Laura- Wendover transports all mental health patients- We may not be able to hand off a patient to a worker who is not a higher medical authority.
      2. Randy- concerned about safety of drivers with a mental health patient on a bus with no restraints.
      3. Bryson- this is the Sheriffs issue and should be involved in this decision.
      4. Casey- Nevada has an old patrol car that an EMT drives for psych patient transport.
      5. Bucky- Would it benefit mental health transport if a vehicle can be added as an option.
        • May have too much insurance liability.
      6. Bryson- Tooele City PD is transporting most of their psych patients. The ambulance is not doing that now.
      7. The council members decided it wouldn’t be a good idea.
    • Medical Call Signs-
      1. Everyone has them turned in. Deadline is July 1st 2015.
    • EMS Board-
      1. The list of the EMS board will be turned into the commissioners and ratified at the next commission meeting.
      2. You will serve in that capacity until you step down.
      3. NTFD represents all areas in the northern part of County.
      4. Commissioner Bitner is the elected official on the board. He will be attending meetings.
  3. State Business
    • New legislation on Medicaid billing. This will be sent out with minutes. There will be a presentation July 2.
    • EMS Awards Meeting July
  4. Hospital & Ambulance Update
    • Nothing to report from Tooele
      1. MMS will cover their own events and ask for ambulance when needed. MMS will turn the property over to Tooele County in March 2016 when lease is final.
      2. Who does ambulance talk to for better business access on SR 36. They would like plates put down for ambulance to get out of lot.
        • There is an SR 36 update meeting every Thursday at the EOC 10:00 AM. Ambulance can come talk to contractors then for business access.
    • Nothing to report from Wendover
  5. Old Business/ New Business
    • Frankie- Air Med- June 27 open house and mock recovery with helicopter. Chili cook off at helipad. Family event. No issues to report. Deb Witte has been selected as chief flight nurse so there will be a new base coordinator in Tooele. Deb will still be working with Tooele.
    • Casey & Laura Wendover ambulance- Nothing to report
      1. City of Wendover will have an ambulance at 4th of July festivities.
      2. Salt Flat races start at the end of August. Air Show has not been announced.
    • KD Simpson- needs update on Country Fan Fest.
      • It is occurring July 24- 26 at Deseret Peak. They have 4000 per sold tickets per day. They anticipate a lot of walk ins. Possible 8000-10000 per day. Their road plans have been approved with UDOT. Grantsville is working with them. That property is in their jurisdiction now. This group is bonded.
    • Randy- NTFD- Nothing to report.
    • John Gollaher- TEAD Fire Dept- Nothing to report
  6. Next meeting date & location- to be announced
    • September 8th 2015 9:00 AM at Tooele County Emergency Management
  7. Adjourn
April 14, 2015

EMS 4-14-2015

Attendees: Bucky Whitehouse, Chief Tate, Neal Dymock, Frankie Hurst, Regina Nelson, Tami Goodin, Roxanne Fawson, Dan Camp, Tracy Schaffer, Cassandra Ray, Kristen Bolinder

  1. Approval of Minutes
    • Tracy motioned to approve, Neil seconded, all approved.
  2. Bureau of EMS Grant Prioritizations for Tooele County
    • Sheriff’s Office
      1. CME
    • NTFD
      1. Life Pak
      2. CME
    • Chief Tate asked for a motioned for prioritization for the grants with NTFD receiving option 1. Life Pak and Sheriff’s Office receiving option 1. CME.
      1. Neil motioned and Tracy seconded, all in favor.
    • Tami reminded everyone that receipts are due May 15th.
    • Draft for new proposed rates was distributed to the group; they will take effect July 1st.
    • EMS Rule Leadership will be held June 1 – 3, 2015 in Brian Head those wanting to attend can register on UTRAIN.
  3. Health Department Update
    • Names of representatives on the EMS Council need to be established. A draft was distributed.
      1. Medical Director: Dr. Bradley
      2. Hospital Administrator: Tracy Schaffer
      3. Ambulance Service: MWMC – Bryson Westbrook
      4. Wendover: Casey Snyder
      5. Military: Chief Tate
      6. Military Dugway: Chief Russell
      7. First Responder South: Neil Dymock
      8. First Responder North: Chief Willden, NTFD
      9. Public Safety from LEEDS: Sheriff Wimmer
      10. Emergency Manager: Bucky Whitehouse
      11. Tooele County Health Department: Kristen Bolinder
      12. Elected Official: TBD
      13. Air Medical Transport: Frankie Hurst was nominated, Chief Tate motioned, Tracy seconded, all in favor.
      14. At Large Member: Sharleen Manzione
      15. Medical Examiner: Officer Tanya Turnbow
      16. Mental Health: TBD
        • Everyone is invited to attend.
    • Bucky would like to have the first local policy on response in place so it can be evaluated.
      1. A separate group will meet together in a different meeting to discuss among other things, how ambulances run, which ambulances go where, medical policies, and what Dispatch’s policy is.
        • Regina stated that Dispatch’s policies were just updated.
      2. Policies, council members and information will be put on the www.tooeleems.org website.
      3. The group will consist of Bucky, Chief Tate, Tracy, Frankie, Regina, and Casey. This group will be held at a different date and time, TBA.
    • Exercises and drills
      1. May 19, 2015 – Dugway – Full Scale Exercise
      2. June 27, 2015 – Air Medical and MWMC
  4. State Business
    • Please submit EMS nominations by June 1st.
      • July  15th will be the awards ceremony.
        • Regina will submit some dispatch nominations.
  5. Hospital and Ambulance Update
    • April 16, 2015 tabletop exercise.
    • April 21, 2015 Earthquake Drill will be evacuating the back on MWMC. Terry Begay with SST is joining in and doing moulage.
  6. New Business
    • Country Fan Fest, insurance companies and others need a better way to understand how EMS is going to respond in different areas of the County.
    • Regina stated that an ambulance is automatically sent when airbags are deployed.
      • Tracy responded that once an officer or First Responder arrives they can cancel the ambulance.
        • Dispatch will continue to page.
    • Neil stated that some dispatchers speak quietly. It has improved but some still talk too softly.
      • Regina said they have added some new dispatchers and this is something they are working on.
    • Dan said MMSP will request First Responders. At this time they do not have any issues.
    • Search and Rescue wants to do an exercise next summer. This summer they will be doing their own exercise training within their department. Intermountain Disaster will be assisting, they have grant money available. Bucky would like to attend the meetings.
    • Bucky stated that response has been focused on Tooele County. If there is a large scale event responders are going to be requested from the Tooele area and they will also be sending people into our community.
    • Tracy announced that SST also has grant money available to help.
    • Bucky said that the Tooele School District wants to do exercises and drills. A table top exercise is planned in the Fall and a full scale exercise next spring. Scenario will be active shooter with casualties, date TBA.  
      • Look for additional information in the future.
    • Frankie stated Air Medical will be having an open house on June 27th.
    • Roxanne Fawson with Air Med stated they will auto launch instead of doing standby if they are more than 20 miles from the scene, it’s fine if the call is canceled.  Rendezvous at the helipad are working out well.
    • April 27th is Dispatch Education Day – Free CME’s not only for dispatchers.
    • Dan stated on April 22nd Air Med will be training at MMSP. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to forward the invitation to other agencies.
      • May 22nd is the next Motocross event. MWMC may come out for the event. Dan stated that they have lowered some of the hills.
    • Chief Tate stated that their scope of services for EMS is reduced to BLS. They still have both of their ambulances and will be responding at a reduced capacity.
  7. Next Meeting
    • June 9, 2015 at 10:00 in Wendover.
  8. Adjourn
    • Neil motioned to adjourn, Frankie seconded, all in favor.