Safety and Success:
Industry and

Tooele County

Local Emergency Planning Commitee

Meets Monthly

on the last Wednesdays 1:30 pm

Tooele County EOC
15 East 100 South. Tooele

About Us

It is necessary for industry to be a part of the planning process to ensure facility plans are compatible with local emergency plans. LEPCs are crucial to local hazardous materials planning and community right-to-know programs. The membership comes from the local area and should be familiar with factors that affect safety, the environment, and the economy of the community.

Our Mission

 The LEPC exists to promote and facilitate the safety of Tooele County regarding potential exposure to hazardous materials that could be released into the environment due to the storage, transportation, and utilization of hazardous materials in Tooele County.

Council Partners


  • Healthcare
  • Fire Agencies
  • Owners/Operators of Facilities Housing Extremely Hazardous Substances
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Health
  • Government
  • Community Members

Strategic Planning

Developing and executing strategies that enhance safety in the county.

Onsite Tours

Tours of Business and Industries within Tooele County

Haz Mat Planning and Coordination

Ensuring the local hazard analysis adequately addresses hazmat incidents;

Community Planning

LEPCs form as a means Of allowing communities to assess their risks from hazardous chemicals and a way to exercise its right-to-know.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlining processes through Tier 11 Reports and identifying facility emergency coordinators

Technology and Solutions

Leveraging technology for efficiency and to keep Tooele County safe.

15 East 100 South, Tooele