LEPC Committee

Tooele County Local Emergency Planning Committee Members

Tooele County Commissioners:
Shawn Milne
Kendall Thomas
Tom Tripp

Tooele County Attorney:
Scott Broadhead

Tooele County Sheriffs Office:
Sheriff Paul Wimmer
Chief Deputy Brian White
Lt. Regina Nelson

Utah Highway Patrol:
Lt. Shawn Judd

Tooele City Mayor:
Debbie Winn

Tooele City Police Dept:
Ron Kirby
Jeremy Hansen

Tooele City Fire Dept:
Chief Rick Harrison
Chris Shubert
Jed Colovich

Tooele City Attorney:
Roger Baker

Grantsville City Mayor:
Brent Marshall

Grantsville City Police Dept:
Chief Jacob Enslen

Grantsville Fire Dept:
Chief Rob Critchlow
Travis Daniels
Jason Smith

Grantsville CERT:
Karen Worthington

Rush Valley Mayor:
Brian Johnson

Ophir Mayor:
Walt Shubert

Vernon Mayor:
Dennis Clark

Wendover City Mayor:
Mike Crawford

Wendover City Fire Dept:
Chief Kenneth Quirk

Wendover Ambulance:
Laura Snyder

Wendover City Airport:
Lisa Dunn

Stockton City Mayor:
Thomas Karjola

Stockton Police Dept:
Chief Travis Romney

Stockton Fire Dept:
Chief Justin Huffman

Terra Fire Dept.:
Chief Gerry Neil

Tooele County Health Dept:
Jeff Coombs, Director

Scott McKenzie, Deputy Director

Bryan Slade, Environmental Health Director

TEAD Fire Dept:
Chief Craig Tate

TEAD Emergency Services:
Chief Craig Tate, Emergency Operations Planner

North Tooele County Fire District:
Chief Randy Willden
Cassandra Ray
Kirk Arnold

Questar Regulated Services:
Randy S Teal, Security Specialist

Utah Dept of Health:
Tara Behunin

Clean Harbors:
Dave Blackburn, Manager Health and Safety

Tooele County Solid Waste:
Robert Warner

US Army Dugway Proving Ground:

Laura Carney

James Pavelka

Tina Worchester

Pacific West LLC:
Dustin Hall

Lincoln Environmental Services:
Rusty Grover

MP Environmental Svcs.:
Jenny Orr

US Magnesium LLC:
Herman Herrera
Roger Francom

American Red Cross:
Jalae Thompson Director of Emergency Services
Steve Nelson Outreach Coordinator

Joe Hatch Matt Doelling

Utah Test and Training Range:
Cheif David Kallman

Morton International Inc.:
Scott Johnson

Bureau of EMS:
Tami Goodin

Dugway Proving Ground:
Kevin O Russell, Deputy Chief

Utah State Fire Marshall:
Coy Porter

HMI- State Fire Marshalls Office:
Art Deyo Wade Francis 

Energy Solutions:
Kelly Lewis, Safety & Health Manager

DPS, Division of Homeland Security:
Nadine Taylor, Liasion Officer/ Planner lll

Mountain West Medical Center:
Glenn Reinicke
Joe Carnell, Ambulance Services Director

Servicemaster of Tooele County: UNEV Pipeline:
Chris Fornelius

Detriot Diesel Remanufacturing West:
David Farrar

State of Utah Division of Emergency Management:
Tara Behunin, Liaison

Holly Energy Partners: 
Ken McConney, Safety Representative

Cliff Jacobsen David Gibby 

Tooele County School District:
Marianne Oborn

ATI- Rowley EPS:
Jayson Evans

Enviro Care Inc: 
Tuffer Patrick 

Wal-Mart DC:
Don Johnson, AP Area Manager
Cody Cannon, AP Manager

Stansbury Park CERT:
Robin Frederickson

NWFF Enviro:
Robert Surette

Hill AFB BM:
Phil Langhus

Mike Nelson

EC Source:
Debbie Greenacre

Kevin E Oliver, West Deseret District Manager

Private Citizen:
David Young
Mary Edwards
DeeEll Fifield Tooele Transcript Bulletin