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Make a Plan

Things to consider when developing your plan

  • Know what can happen in your area.
  • Know where the people you need to communicate with are located and how you will communicate with them if there was no power or cell service.
  • Recognize what special needs , both emotionally and physically, that may need to be considered as you are making your plan.
  • Understand your insurance needs and make sure that all of your needs will be covered.
  • Make sure physical needs can be met by developing a disaster supplies kit with food, water, supplies, important documents, and special needs for babies, elderly, etc.
  • Check for potential hazards within your home, workplace, or place of worship.
  • Learn skills that would help you respond and recover better.
  • Practice your plans and learn from others.
  • Making a plan is the most important part of your preparedness efforts because it sets the stage for all other aspects of the process.