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Preparedness Matters

Take some time to browse our website for helpful emergency preparedness tips. You can also follow the links found at the Links tab at the top to check out other helpful websites, such as Ready.Gov.

As always, we want to encourage you to develop a Family Disaster Plan and begin storing emergency supplies such as food and water and a Disaster Supplies Kit. The information contained here will help you accomplish those tasks.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, TCEM is not producing the Tooele County Emergency Preparedness Calendar. Hopefully with a grant and donations for required matching funds, we may be able to continue the project in the future. Keep the back pages of your 2012 Tooele County calendar for future reference and access.

For your convenience, we’ve also attached a printable copy of the Family Emergency Preparedness Guide. Just follow the link below.

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with all of your emergency preparedness efforts.


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