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Tooele County AED Program

Tooele County AED Program “TAP”

Standard Operating Guidelines:

Upon enactment of the Utah Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2008, the Tooele County EMS Council created a task force sponsored by Tooele County, to ensure that any Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), which are available for public use, have been registered with Tooele County Dispatch, calibrated and maintained to current ECC CPR Guidelines. This program is known as the Tooele AED Program (TAP).


  1. Good Standing: AED Unit or Organization
    1. Contact Person (Name, Address, Phone Number, Exact Location)
    2. Operating condition (Meets ECC Qualifications)
    3. Training program offered by organization.
    4. Exact Location of AED unit within the facility.
  2. Public Use – freely accessible to the lay responder to access during normal business hours.
  1. Standard – Qualification for inclusion in Program
    1. Procedures:

    2. The AED is available for public use in either a commercial, governmental or residential setting.
    3. The AED is currently registered and in good standing with the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch.
    4. The AED meets ECC 2010 standards /guidelines.
    5. Organization has disclosed all information related to the location of the unit.
    6. Organization or individual commits to informing dispatch within 30 days of the unit being removed from service or becoming unavailable for public use.
  2. Standard – Actions/Inactions causing exclusion in Program
    1. If at any time a (AED) unit is found to violate any of the above mentioned policies for inclusion into the program it will removed from the active list of available resources. At such time dispatchers may alert emergency callers to the location of the unit however will inform them that they will not guarantee the working condition of the AED.
  3. Standard – Calibration and Maintenance of AED’s by the owner/agent.
    1. Procedures:

    2. Organization commits to maintaining unit in functioning condition, by purchasing new batteries and pads as dictated by industry standards.
    3. Organization commits to calibrating the unit to national standards.
  4. Standard – Calibration and Maintenance of AED’s by the taskforce.
    1. Procedures:

    2. Representatives from the EMS AED Regional Taskforce will conduct an annual inspection for qualified AEDS and provide necessary maintenance.
  5. Standard – Training Agreement by participating organization or individual
    1. Procedures:

    2. Any Organization who participates in the program will make staff available for a ECC compliant train the trainer program on annual basis or as deemed necessary by national guidelines.
    3. Any Organization who participates will train at least 75% of their staff on the necessary steps to use an AED.
  6. Standard – Training provided by Tooele County to program participants
    1. Procedures:

    2. Representatives from the Tooele County EMS Regional Committee will conduct or facilitate an annual train the trainer program for program participants.

As members of the EMS Regional Council and primary members of the Tooele AED Program (TAP) we agree with the above mentioned standards. We will also commit to support this program through the donation of time and available resources to ensure this program is a success.