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14, Ocotber 2018

Fire Chiefs Meeting 10-4-18

Attendees: Craig Tate, James Tarpley, Kevin Russell, Justin Huffman, Dan Walton, Gerry Neil, Beckie Boekweg, Rick Harrison, Randy Willden

1. Meeting called to order at 7:12 by Rick Harrison.

2. Approval of Sept Minutes 2018

a. Gerry Neil Made motion to approve. Seconded by Justin Huffman. All in favor.

3. Dan Walton- Fire Warden

a. Fire Restrictions were lifted today 10-04-18. Burn permits will be available online.

b. Dispatch can track you back to station to log time of return (portal to portal). This is for safety reasons. It will show you complete and back to station. It can also help you with reporting.

i. This can be presented to Regina if all in favor.

c. Cost recovery/fire investigator class coming from URFA. Dan and Lloyd and 2 sheriffs deputys are going. $400 per student. Week long class. Mock fire scenario in Provo Canyon. Oct 29- Nov 2

d. Participation Commitment statement needed for the year.

e. Reminder of CWPP for all municipalities due July 1. NTFD due Jan 1

f. Keep tracking your mitigation.

g. Reminder – agencies participating in state fire policy need to have your people go through the S-130 S-190 wildland class, red cards are preferred but not required unless you want them on the MOU roster for state fire billing.

h. County Initial attack reimbursements are all caught up.

i. Avon Fire in North Eden area. A military 5 ton was driven thru a fire area and burned up the brake line. Gerry has a suggestion of a way to prevent that.

j. BLM is going off duty tomorrow. Vernon muskrat will be unstaffed. Dan will start doing some prescribed fires. He will broadcast that over the pagers a day or two before for notification.

k. Radio Training- He would like to go thru the radios with you and help to understand. Small groups would be better.

l. Randy would like to have a conversation with someone about red flag days and overload of equipment and people this winter.


4. Craig Tate- TEAD

a. Nothing

5. Justin Huffman- Stockton

a. Had some guys get their red cards

b. They did a cwpp meeting and had a couple people come.

6. Randy Willden- NTFD

a. ADO class is going well. Lots of engines to work on.

b. They have the bounce house for fire prevention week. If you would like it, schedule with Cassandra.

c. HIPLINK message from Regina, they are out of hiplink licenses. Please send names to Regina of people no longer using it.

d. NTFD will be wearing pink t shirts for the month of Oct for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

e. Open house Oct 9th

7. Kevin Russell- Rush Valley Fire

a. Treasury report $2867.53 in the account. The only money going out is to Beckie for secretarial duties.

b. Spillman Touch invoiced for half of the fees collected. TCEM will cut a check to the Chiefs Association for the overage and the association will hold it for maintenance fees.

c. Chad Hymas built a ranch in Big Hollow. Fire pits were approved. Whenever there are crowds of over 200 Chad is required to notify for fire protection.

d. Dugway is almost done with the confined space prop. When it is up and running they will open it for others to use.

8. James Tarpley- TEAD

a. Thanks for the support with Feala’s funeral. Please watch over our people.

9. Rick Harrison- Tooele City

a. Open house Oct 13th 10-2. Airmed will be there at 1.

b. Veterans did a flag retirement ceremony last week.

10. Gerry Neil- Terra

a. BLM is working a fire break up that they will burn after first snowfall.

b. They have 2 new people they are training.

11. Regina- Need to send out a hiplink message to update hiplink rosters to chiefs.
12. Next Meeting- Nov 3rd at 7 at the EOC

06, September 2018

Fire Chiefs Meeting 9-6-18

Attendees: Cassandra Ray, Rob Critchlow, Travis Daniels, Rick Harrison, Gerry Neil, Justin Huffman, Llyod Evans, Cami Nelson, J Lesko, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg

Excuse: Randy Willden, Kevin Russell, Kevin Bowman

1. Meeting called to order

a. Rob called the meeting to order at 7:13 following Buckys EOC presentation.

2. Approval of August Meeting Minutes

a. August minutes approved. Gerry Neil made motion. Seconded by Justin Huffman.

3. Joe Carnell

a. There will be a carfentanil drill at the hospital in the second quarter next year.

i. Bucky and Glenn will work on getting some education about carfentanil exposures and treatment for departments.

ii. There are some grant opportunities to help with the drill. Valley Mental Health will bea partner.

b. The new landing zone policy will be sent out with the meeting minutes. If the chiefs are all good with-it Joe will standardize it

4. Rob Critchlow

a. Middle Canyon Fire Meeting Update

i. Automatic Aid was discussed and agreed that it will pertain to priority 1 & 2 calls.

1. Stockton had Tooele City paged for automatic aid on a recent event. Their dept doesn’t feel that it is necessary. They already have automatic aid with the south fire depts and TEAD. Justin feels that Tooele City will just be cancelled, and it will be a waste of time. Justin appreciates the help when he calls but feels it is unnecessary to have automatic aid.

2. The mapping portion needs to be re visited so response areas are completely understood.

3. The general understanding from the automatic aid meeting was that everyone is ok being cancelled

4. Regina will be invited to the next meeting to view the map and determine whose areas are whose.

b. Regional Fire School

i. The location for regional fire school needs to be determined. We need to have the south fire dept represented so the chiefs can discuss it at the next meeting. Two spots that have been suggested are the fire museum at Deseret Peak and Dugway.

ii. AVO pumper Class-workbooks can be purchased.

5. Bucky Whitehouse-EOC

a. 2018 SHSP Homeland Security Funds will be released at the end of Sept. Please use 2017 funds asap.

b. Response agreements are progressing for funding at the end of the year. Hazmat capabilities need to be increased.

i. Would agencies be willing to team up their hazmat techs for response in the county? Possibly a specialized CERT team? Please email lists of certified hazmat techs to Bucky. This is a needed capability.

c. The EOC is trying to get event organizers to let the county know about special events.

i. Sept 29-UTV ride from Deseret Peak to Ophir

ii. Sept 22&23 Nitro Circus

iii. Sept 29-Lantern Fest

d. The EOC will alertsense fire chiefs of incidents in progress so they can be on standby.

6. Roundtable

a. Cami Nelson-Wendover-They just had fire 2 testing. They have also been testing an app that is free. It is like active 911. If anyone is interested get in touch with Wendover. Federals will be coming to Wendover for a nuclear sweep Oct 1.

b. Gerry Neil-Terra Fire-Nothing

c. Justin Huffman-Stockton Fire-they have people taking classes.

i. TEAD-Fire prevention night Oct 4 5-8 PM. Everyone is invited to bring an apparatus. They would appreciate support. They would like to propose to hold chiefs meeting at the Eagles Nest. A vote was held. All in favor. A flyer will be sent out with more information.

d. Rick Harrison-Tooele City Fire-Asylum 49 will be open this year in the nursing home side. The hospital side will be closed.

e. Rob Critchlow/ Travis Daniels-Grantsville Fire-Thanks for all the help at Anderson Ranch fire.

i. Spillman will be billing for the touch program

ii. AVO training-agencies with participants will need to provide a truck if possible. Travis can email a schedule and syllabus out if you need. Sept 13 the class will start and go until Nov 3.

f. Cassandra Ray-NTFD-They have a fire engine bounce house that is available for use for fire prevention week. Please coordinate schedules so everyone has a chance to use it. Email Cassandra if you would like to use it.

g. Lloyd Evans-Fire Warden-if anyone would like the skills test they can come to individual stations and do that.

7. Next Meeting – Oct 4 that the Eagles Nest 7:00 PM

02, August 2018

Fire Chiefs Meeting 8-2-18

Attendees: Rob Critchlow, Gerry Neil, Kevin Bowman, Beckie Boekweg, Bucky Whitehouse, Rick
Harrison, Chris Shubert, Jed Colovich

1. Meeting called to order

a. Rob Critchlow called the meeting to order.

2. Roll call and approval of minutes

a.Gerry Neil made motion to approve meeting minutes from July meeting. Seconded by Rick Harrison. All in favor.

3. UFRA-Kevin Bowman

a. ADO Pumper class in Grantsville is ready to go. Start date is Sept 13th-Oct 27th. It will be held at the Fire Museum. There will be a support trailer.

b. Need to discuss Regional Fire School. Location? Classes? Tabled until next month.

4. TCEM-Bucky Whitehouse

a. Middle Canyon Fire

i. Thank you for the help with the Middle Canyon Fire. There will be a hot wash, everyone is invited. From the EOC perspective everything went as planned on that fire.

ii. When heavy equipment is requested the EOC will start with governmental agencies first then go to the private sector. Please request the EOC when you request the equipment. Anytime there is a road closure or evacuation please remember to request the EOC. The EOC can also provide you spot weather forecasts for your event.

iii. The EOC is in the process of updating inventory. We will b
e checking with each dept to see what your inventory is.

iv. Fire chiefs would like to be paged and notified of all active emergencies. EOC will use Alertsense to send out information regarding emergency.

b. Training Opportunities

i. PIO Course Aug 28-29 at the EOC.Register on UTRAIN.

ii. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course.


i. We will need to restructure the way SHSP grant funds are used. They are pushing to group the award into county projects. Expect 2019 Funds to be spent as a fire community.

d. There is a man in Ophir who is permitted to have 50 lbs of black powdered stored in a bunker in the mouth of an old mine. We are trying to coordinate a meeting with him to discuss his operation, so we can be prepared to respond.

e. Community Fit Tester

i. Have estimates from 2 companies. There is no preference on which machine to buy. Will cost $3000-$4000

f. Tooele County Dump

i. They have fire 30-40 feet underground. It needs to be an industrial operation driven response not a fire response.

g. Middle Canyon will likely re open Fri Aug 3rd.

5. Joe Carnell-EMS

a. Standby policy was sent out to all fire chiefs. Joe is concerned it is still open to interpretation. If Fire Chiefs feel that the wording fits their needs best, then Joe will not worry about changing it. Joe would like to see the roles better defined. Policy states if a firefighter is on air then an ambulance will be on scene the whole time. Another ambulance may need to be paged so one ambulance can stay on scene with fire.

i. Fire Chiefs in attendance today are fine with the EMS standby policy

b. Carfentanil Exposure Drill

i. MWMC will be holding a carfentanil exposure drill. The general concept will be typical 911 response. EMS exposed on scene. Hazmat response thru fire depton scene. If patient is transported, then fire dept will participate at hospital. Glenn feels like there is plenty of opportunity for training on medical side as well as interaction with EOC etc.

ii. MWMC looking to do a drill annually.

ii. Please reply to Glenn or Joe by Aug 8th to participate.

iv. Bucky would like to see a couple training opportunities on carfentanil before the drill.

6.Tooele City Fire-Rick Harrison

a. Nothing to report

7. Grantsville City Fire-Rob Critchlow

a. All brush trucks are up and running. Thanks for lending a truck to them.

b. They have the demolition derby on Sat Aug 4th.

c. Lantern Fest Sept 17th and the Nitro Circus at UMC.

8.Terra Fire-Gerry Neil

a. Picked up another truck. Hoping to give an old truck to Wendover with Sheriffs approval.

b. There is still the cedar mountain fire at 4900 acres. A type 3
team is working it now.

9. Dispatch-Rob Critchlow

a. Closest agency policy-if you have questions about why you didn’t get called to a scene
you need to contact Regina. There is a program that is supposed to help dispatch assign
the closest agency to respond.

i. This issue needs to be addressed before the next meeting.

30, May 2018

Fire Chiefs Meeting 5-30-18

Attendees:Chief Dan Andrus, Chief Kevin Russell, Lieutenant Lesko, Captain Carter, Chief Gerry Neal, Lloyd Evans, Fire Warden Dan Walton, Kevin Bowman, Chief Rick Harrison, Chief Randy Wilden, Asst. Chief Cassandra

1. Welcome and Introductions:

a. Chief Harrison asked the members present at the meeting went around
the table and introduced themselves and what agency they represented.

2. Minutes Approved:

a. Gerry Neil made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 3rd meeting seconded by Randy Wilden. Minutes were approved as read by majority vote of the members present.

3. Section Reports:

a. UFRA:

i. Kevin Bowman was contacted by Dugway Fire Department about hosting next years regional fire school on post at Dugway.

ii. UFRA would be in favor of having the training and would support it as needed. UFRA would like to know if the support was there before they would commit.

iii. Chief Landis from Dugway would like to get feedback from the county fire chiefs to see who would support having the training on the post.

iv. The members in attendance were in favor of having the training at Dugway, however didn’t want to commit until the members of the association who were not present had a chance to vote.

v. Dugway made a commitment to make the event happen if the support was there.

b. Fire Warden:

i. Dan presented a map for the fireworks restrictions throughout the county.

1. Map is supposed to be posted at every fire station and municipal building.

2. State Fire plan match is due to Dan by the end of the month.

ii. Dan passed out the wildland agreements to all participating agencies please have agreements signed and submitted back to Dan ASAP

iii. Dan will be holding the wildland refresher/training in June. There are 20 students planning to test.

1. A discussion of how the class is being taught occurred.

iv. Randy commented that he was discouraged with the IFSAC
portion of the final exam and would like to know who he could comment too.

v. Dan will consider what can be done to help North Tooele’s crews get certified

1. Dan gave an update on what work has been done to get the fire departments their connection to the Spillman Touch System.

a. The group commended Regina and her working group for their hard work on the project.

2. Dan passed his phone around with Spillman Touch so they could preview.

3. Dan mentioned that the final decision on moving forward will occur after the sheriff has the opportunity to show it to the LEEDS group.

4. Round table

a. Wendover City Fire Department

i. Wendover thanked representatives from the other departments for attending their open house.

ii. Wendover is experiencing problems with their responses toward Ibapah. It was their understanding that Ibapah didn’t want to respond to medical calls and crashes. Wendover is discussing with them the prospects of becoming an Auxiliary Unit to the Wendover City Department.

iii. Captain Carter asked Dan for assistance to approach the Sheriff about solving some of their problems they are experiencing when responding to Ibapah. Dan will contact the sheriff and attempt to setup a meeting where all interested parties could talk about the issues.

iv. Wendover is recruiting for interested firefighters who may want to come out to Wendover and be on the paid standby crew. They pay $40.00 for the member to be on call at or around the station. If a call comes in the member could get paid anywhere from $7-$26 per hour during the time they are on the call.

1. If you have interested members have them contact Captain Carter with Wendover City Fire Department.

v. Wendover currently has 12 participants signed up for the Mass Fatality training which is set to occur on June 26. They need at least 20 participants for the class to go and are encouraging others to sign-up.

b. Dugway Fire Department

i. Dugway hoste
d a Wildland Dozer driver course. The class was successful they created a 13-mile-long fire break around the dugway fence lines.

c. Rush Valley Fire Department

i. Nothing

d. North Tooele Fire Department

i. Chief Willden commented on the turn out for Leonard Tayon’s funeral in Grantsville on Tuesday. He thanked everyone who attended on behalf of Grantsville.

ii. Chief Willden discussed with Dan Walton the difficulties they were encountering with testing in the Wildland Certification System.

e. Tooele City Fire Department

i. Chief Harrison –Thanked the fire wardens for their assistance with the Camp Wapiti clean up project. The county is cutting a fire line around the area of Wapiti.

f. Emergency Management

i. Homeland Security Grant–Bucky informed the group that there were some additional monies received from the homeland security grant. He didn’t have details on how the additional funds were to be used at this time.

ii. Homeland Security Grant–Bucky commented on the purchasing/procedural changes that were coming with the new homeland security funding. When trying to receive approval on your potential purchase please make sure to consult with emergency management as some purchases are no longer allowed depending on the size and type of fire department you represent.

iii. AlertSense –The fire chiefs are now in an alertsense group. Beckie will start using the alertsense features to manage the association business.

iv. Radio Problems-Bucky brought up that he was aware of the radio problems many of the departments are experiencing. He, Andy and Dan are working with UCA to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

v. EOC Operations Room Training -Bucky mentioned that the EOC staff are getting closer to sponsoring a training for fire department staff to come to the EOC and get trained on how to operate from that desk.

v. EOC Fire EOP Plan–Its time again to promulgate the fire EOP plan for the county. Bucky will be sending out emails asking for you to look at and comment on any proposed changes to the plan.

g. Unfinished Business –

h. New Business-

i. Adjournment–

i. The next meeting will be held on July 12th at 7 PM at the EOC training room.

05, April 2018

Fire Chiefs Meeting 4-5-2018

Attendees: Jed Colovich, Chris Stewart, Rick Harrison, Bucky Whitehouse, Chris Correra, Cami Carter, Johny Lesko, Regina Nelson, Scott Pehrson, Gerry Neil, Neal Dymock, Justin Huffman, Kurt Nielsen, Ron D’Andrea, Russell Feala, Bradley Tippets, Travis Daniels, Rob Critchlow, Jason Smith, Randy Willden, Cassandra Ray, Beckie Boekweg

1. Approval of Minutes

a. Randy Willden made motion to approve. Seconded by Gerry Neil. All in favor.

2. Dispatch

a.  Regina Nelson

i.  Regina provided a quote and purchase addendum for Spillman Touch. If 5 agencies would like to go together it is much cheaper.

ii.  Regina has added more agencies to AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location). They can be seen on the map now.

iii. Lights and Sirens- An article was referenced about the use of lights and sirens. It is suggested that lights and sirens can be reduced on all Alpha and Bravo calls. A handout will be attached to the minutes.

iv. Dispatch is working with the GIS dept to find new construction and get it on the map.

v. Northern Utah Interagency Fire Center (NUIFC)- Dispatch does not need.

3. Fire Marshall’s Office

a. Kirk

i. Provided a handout to be reviewed by the group.

4. Fire Academy Report- UFRA

a. Randy Willden

i. Regional Fire School- A current roster was sent out electronically.

ii. The forcible entry class needs to have the hours adjusted. Please let Randy know if your people can adjust to the change.

iii. The Eagles Nest will not be able to support the Regional Fire School for food. In the future if we want to use the Eagles Nest we need to have a commitment from the students that they will eat at the Eagles Nest.

iv. Brad will provide an Engine and a Tender for the class.

v. Feala will have a dumpster there for the forcible entry class.

vi. Rick Harrison will provide cars for extrication.

vii. Bucky will provide water. NTFD will provide Gatorade. Bowman will provide a snack.


5. Emergency Management

a. Bucky

i. EOC is installing a new UPS.

ii. A list of Hazmat Response Entities was handed out. Please refer to this list for agencies you can call for hazmat response. EM is working on cost recovery for
hazmat spills. NTFD has one in place. We will circulate that again. We will look for consensus from this group on how to handle hazmat calls. Unified bomb squad has offered to do a refresher training. Bucky will set that up.

iii.SHSP- 2016 needs to be spent.

6. Old Business

a. PAPPS class going on in Grantsville. Contact Travis for info.

b. Fire 1 will be at Grantsville station on Friday. Tooele City Fire has lunch on Sat.

6. New Business

a. None

8. Roundtable

a. Randy Willden NTFD- Tooele County EMS committee has asked him to redraft EMS standby policy. If anyone would like to look at it contact Randy.

b. Cami Carter- Wendover Fire Dept- new chain of command in their fire dept. They have a hazmat class if you have anyone that needs it.

c. Ron D’Andrea-UTTR- Fire Officer 4 class- April 16th- 3 slots left. Make sure you have the pre-reqs. Thanks for the help on the rollover accident.

d. Brad Tippets- TEAD- if anyone has batteries for the Motorola radios he will take them. Wendover has a box they can have.

e. Rob Critchlow- Grantsville- Thanks for the help with Fire 1. Thanks for helping at the gun range fire. Lantern Fest is May 19th. This is the only scheduled event with that company. GFD will be doing a mock disaster on May 14th with the High School. Motorola will be here in May to present. Tyler Jensen will be the Motorola representative for all Tooele County agencies.

8. Adjorn

01, February 2018

Fire Chiefs Meeting 2-1-18

Attendees: Kevin Bowman, Kevin Russell, Randy Willden, Gerry Neil, Jason Smith, Travis Daniels, Jason Remick, Rob Critchlow, Dan Walton, Bucky Whitehouse, Rick Harrison, Beckie Boekweg

1. Call the meeting to order

2. Approval of minutes

a. Randy made motion to approve Nov meeting minutes. Seconded by Gerry Neil. All in favor.

3. UFRA-Regional Fire School

a. Grantsville-

i. Inspector 1 class refresher March 2-3. Please email names to Kevin.

ii. NTFD has guys that would like to take the class for refresher.

iii. Fire 1 & 2 is going well. April 21st Live fire initial attack. They have 21 guys for class. Kevin needs roster. He needs paperwork signed on live fire documents. All depts. are involved. A chief needs to sign the paper from each dept. Kevin has the course request. Prop will be set up at the museum. Travis needs to submit for the test request at 1:00. Training will be 8-12,

iv. Forcible Entry Class May 19th. Grantsville is cancelling.

b. URFA will run out of money for this fiscal year soon. They may need to reprioritize things. This is just until June 30th. July 1st,they will be on full budget again.

c. Regional Fire School-

i. Capt Feala is the POC at the depot. Everything is good out there.

ii. Tooele City will coordinate the cars.

iii. April 27-28 8:00-5:00 each day.

iv. Extrication is 1 car per 5 students. 4 cars each day minimum.

v. All instructors are in place for 27th and Kevin is working on the 28th.

vi. Forcible Entry is possible 48 students.

vii. Kevin will deal with Capt Feala for dumpsters and classrooms.

viii. CTC-was just out at TEAD a few months ago. The depot already had their students thru ops and tactics there. Kevin recommends their new program. Rural Incident Command. Designed for rural areas with limited resources. 4 hours classroom. 4 hours in CTC doing sets and reps. Half of group goes outside with engine to practice 1 min drills. 12 people in classroom.

ix. Randy Willden will take care of roster. They need to be to Kevin 30 days before class. Need commitments early.

x. Grantsville will push fire school thru I am responding. NTFD will post it to social media. Kevin will talk to his 5 people. URFA has it posted with dates.

xi. Kevin will bring snacks for rehab. Grantsville has bottled water. They will ask Walmart DC for rehab also. NTFD will bring water.

xii. Lunch will be provided at the Eagles Nest at participants expense.

4. Fire Marshal’s Office

5. Dan Walton Fire Warden

a. Basic Wildland will be this spring. Possible June 5th–8th. Test on June 23rd.

i. Handout attached

ii. It is state law that firefighters have basic wildland training.

b. Wildland Refresher-would like to consolidate the depts. to have the training.

i. May 16th at 7:30 at Deseret Peak Museum

c. Other available courses provided on handout

d. Chainsaw class 1st week of May in Draper, Lone Peak Conservation Center

e. If you have questions about fire policy schedule a meeting with Dan. It’s quite complex. Start working on your spreadsheet, it has to be turned into the state.

f. Dan has been working on buying some 6000-gal pumpkins. $3700 each. Talk to Dan if you want one, he will order in the next 2 weeks.

g. Dan and Gerry are working with ranchers to install fire hydrants in skull valley. Utah Underground can install as well as Broken Arrow.

h. Katie Gibble will be new urban interface coordinator.

6. Emergency Management-Bucky Whitehouse

a. LZ training information is available to you.

i. There has been some discussion about who is responsible for the landing zone. They would like to have some training. They would like to make a rule that law do the LZ if they are on scene and let fire and ems take care of patient.

ii. The Chiefs Association should come to a consensus and discuss with their Police Chief about their position on who will land the helicopter.

1. Beckie will email the contact info for both air medical transport companies.

b. SHSP Grant-Typed resource list not required anymore.

c. Dispatch recently purchased the AVL Locator. That gives them the capability to see your location and help guide units to incident locations.

i. Dan would be interested in participating. NTFD and Tooele City will also participate. Grantsville would need to get a puck. Life Flight and Airmed are participating.

ii. There is a onetime purchase of $100.

d. March 20-21 at the EOC –Special Event Public Safety Class

e. April 3-4 ICS 300 class at EOC. Register on UTRAIN

f. Met with UCA to address a problem from wildland perspective at UTTR. They need an additional tower in Bowline Canyon.

g. We have new RedCross Reps. Toni Weiss will come out in the future to talk to the group.

h. International Fire and Arson Investigators Conf in Wendover.

i. EMS Council is looking at a new program called Stop the Bleed. Promotes the use of tourniquets. They would like to do a train the trainer course out here.

7. Dispatch

a. Dispatch numbers-Rob has copies of what they have. Take a look at the list and see if there is any clean up.

i. The depts. have agreed that they will not be changing. Dugway will change.

1. Grantsville Fire will stay the same as they are now

2. North Tooele Fire will stay as it is.

3. Tooele City will stay the same as it is

4. Gerry Neil will stay the same way as it is

5. Kevin Russell will stay the same

ii. Unanimous vote to keep the call signs the same.

8. Old Business

a. Schedule First Net for presentation

9. New Business

10. Roundtable

a. Tooele City Fire-Rick Harrison

i. Feb 10th annual awards banquet. They will provide lunch for the class on the 24th. Travis will release Tooele City guys early on the 10th.

b. North Tooele Fire-Randy Willden

i. Cassandra has stepped down as operations asst chief. More to follow on that position.

ii. Thanks to Grantsville for the class.

iii. Lighting Vendors? VLS, Premier

iv. Tech Class-looks like hazmat training will be back to 120 hours curriculum.

v. Assistance to fire grant due Feb 2 at 3 PM

c. Rush Valley and Dugway-Kevin Russell

i. Fire Chiefs dinner has been paid for.

ii. Dugway has been getting a lot of new apparatus. They are receiving training.

iii. Starting construction of confined space facility. Everyone is welcome to utilize.

iv. Dozer training schedule for Dugway personnel.

d. Dan Walton-Fire Warden

i. Need roster for Basic Wildland as soon as possible

e. Travis Daniels-Grantsville Fire

i. Reminder test day May 5th, they will have a catered dinner.

ii. Travis needs a lot more assistance for classes. Please assign people from your dept who have knowledge to help with classes. He needs coverage on the 22&24 of Feb. Randy will do 22nd Jason will do 24th.

iii. NTFD has fire behavior on the 8th.

11. Adjourn

07, December 2017

Fire Chiefs Meeting 7-13-17

Attendees: Chris Shubert, Jed Colovich, Kevin Bowman, Randy Willden, Justin Huffman, Dan Walton, Rob Critchlow, Jason Remick, Patrick Carnahan, David Kallman, Ronald D’Andrea, Steven Griffith, Regina Nelson, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg

1.Order and Roll

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

2. Approval of minutes from November

a. Randy Willden made a motion to approve minutes from Nov. Seconded by Rob Critchlow. All in favor.

3. UFRA-Kevin Bowman

a. Certification Update went out to all email.

b. Winter Fire School-still a few classes that are open. 45 more days to register

i. There is a man at UVU who offers help with retirement planning.

c. Regional School April 27-28 2018

i. Extrication, Forcible Entry, CTC will be the 3 classes offered

1. They just did a pilot class down in southern Utah. It went pretty well. Some things were very new to people. Making corrections now so it will be better for winter fire school. Tooele regional will have the pilot class for CTC in April. CTC will have a career side and a volunteer side.

2. Kevin needs a POC for the regional fire school. The Tooele Army Depot will be the location for the school. Host will have to provide cars for extrication. He will need a classroom inside.

4. Old Business

a. Travis Daniels will email out a list for the Fire 1 Class for people who can teach.

i. Randy Willden ordered books for the Fire 1 Class.

5. New Business

a. Justin and Randy thought they could get something together for the CA wildfire needs.

b. Bucky Whitehouse would like to develop task books for possible deployment for EMAC. We can go over all the forms at the February meeting and walk thru the application process.

i. Dan added that it takes a bit of coordination but he is sure we can put together a strike team in Tooele.

1. With wildland, they create a manifest. When the call comes in they can refer to the list to see who can go.

ii. There is enough interest in the County to put together mission ready packets. We can get task books and get people working on them.

1. If there were someone other than Dan qualified as an engine boss they could just roll out on their own. One way to get to engine boss level stay within the northern Utah area.

iii. Bucky gave some information on the current team going to CA.

iv. A google drive folder will be created for all documents.

c. Regina-Dispatch

i. 2018 EMS/Fire call signs

1. Some stations didn’t have
an assigned call number. In 2015 it was decided to create a new call sign for the county. Dispatch decided to align everything with your station call number.

2. Regina handed out all the new call numbers. It is proposed to accept these changes beginning January 2018.

a. Randy Willden has some concerns about his CAD. No historical data will be removed.

3. The recommendation coming from dispatch is go back to old call signs.

a. If we cant resolve this by Jan we may need to move this change until July.

b. The motion is to stay 2-digit apparatus and 3 digit personnel.

4. This matter will be tabled until the next meeting.

6. National Wildland Resource Request

7. Elections

a. Treasurer, 2nd Vice Pres, 1st Vice Pres, Pres positions are open.

b. Bucky opened nominations for the 2018 Fire Chiefs Association

i. Rob nominated Rick Harrison for pres. No second.

ii. Justin nominated Rob Critchlow for pres. Seconded by Randy.

iii. Randy nominated Rick Harrison for 1st vice pres. Justin seconded.

iv. Chief Kallman nominated Dan Walton for 2nd vice pres. Seconded by Randy.

v. Randy nominated Kevin Russell for treasurer. Seconded by Ronald D’Andrea.

vi. Randy made motion that they are accepted by acclimation. Seconded by Steve Griffith. All in favor.

8. Christmas Party

a. Will be held Jan 11th at the EOC at 7:00. Significant others welcome. Will be catered by Jims family restaurant-Spiros Makris. The budget will be $10 per person.

9. Roundtable

a. Bucky Whitehouse

i. Evaluation for hazmat/ response money for unincorporated areas is done. The budget will be the same as last year. This matter will be discussed in 2018 to see if it should be re-evaluated.

ii. EMS Council is picking up steam. They are creating a charter. Bucky is asking for participation in the EMS Council especially if you are running EMS at any level. The position is a 2-year commitment to represent your agency on the EMS council. We need a rep for the southern fire/ first response and one for the north. Justin will talk to Thatcher and see if he will represent the south area. Randy will represent the north.

iii. Bucky went to a UCA meeting in St George for the radio conversion. There is state money appropriated to change the radio. The meeting talked about how they will change the towers and the infrastructure. There will be no assistance to change out your radios. You will incur those costs on your own. Phase 2 will eliminate all old radios. Start budgeting now for the changeover. There will be a flash to the older radios that will cost with the unknown if they will last very long. Tooele County will probably be early on in the conversion system.

iv. Governor recently signed the proclamation to bring First Net to Utah. It is a dedicated public safety set of frequencies prioritized for first responders. It is thru AT&T. They would like to come out and do a presentation for First Net. We will plan for the meeting to take place in Feb.

v. Please work on your Homeland Security submissions for 2016.

vi. The EOC is using Alertsense as our mass notification system. We would encourage you all to use Alertsense to notify your personnel with any type of messaging. We can do the training for your agency administrator for the program.

vii. Jed Colovich is the new 2nd assistant for Tooele City Fire, Chris Shubert is 1st assistant and Rick Harrison Tooele City Fire Chief.

b. Randy Willden-NTFD

i. Tue Dec 12th is NTFD is the agency Christmas Party. Please cover for them so the crew can be out of service for the night. Randy will notify dispatch.

ii. Pump testing is done for most. We should probably do a joint pump testing effort to save on travel for the tester.

iii. If you are doing fire fighter awareness class you need to submit for testing by jan 6th

c. Justin Huffman-Stockton Fire

i. Justin will remain the Fire Chief and Thatcher the 1st assistant.

ii. NTFD gave them a suburban

d. Dan Walton-Fire Warden

i. Deadline for the in-kind match for wildland participation commitment is July 1st.

ii. S215 Training went really well. Recommended for State Law. He’d be happy to do it again. Let Dan know if you need assistance paying for students.

iii. Lone Peak Conservation Center in Draper have line gear they are getting rid of. Let Dan know if you want any.

iv. Wasatch front area got a new manager.

e. Rob Critchlow-Grantsville

i. Rob is the new fire chief, Travis Daniels is 1st assistant, Jason Smith is 2nd assistant and Jason Remick is the Secretary.

f. Patrick Carnahan-Dugway

i. They have been tracking fuel moistures. They are not recovering. When thinking about wildland keep in mind the year of 94-96. Be prepared. The season could start earlier and last longer. They will pass on any information regarding the wildland situation.

g. David Kallman-UTTR

i. They have some OPS coming up.

h. Steve Griffith-TEAD

i. They will be hosting a Fire Inspector 2 course Feb 19-23. Alabama fire college are the instructors. $600 per person. First come first serve. 12 openings. Bradley Tippetts will be POC. His email is Bradley.d.tippetts.civ@mail.mil 435-830-8279

ii. They are doing live fire range, shoulder mounted rocket, grenade. They have also been tracking fuel moistures. Its not good this time of year.

i. Regina-Dispatch

i. Approved for 911 to text. They will be getting some phone upgrades.

ii. Personnel changes will need to be done before call sign changes. Email all personnel changes to Regina.

iii. Quickest route has been approved.

10. Adjourn

09, November 2017

Fire Chiefs Meeting Minutes 11-09-17

Attendees: Bucky Whitehouse, Rick Harrison, Ted Black, Kurt Nielsen, Cassandra Ray, Randy Willden,Justin Huffman, Gerry Neil, Regina Nelson, Travis Daniels, Rob Critchlow, Kevin Bowman, Brad Phillips,David Peterson, Doug Webb, Todd Turner, Dan Walton, Beckie Boekweg

1. Order and Roll Call

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order at 7:02

2. Approval of Minutes

a. Randy Willden made a motion to approve Oct meeting minutes. Seconded by Gerry Neil. All in favor.

3. UFRA-Kevin Bowman

a. Reminder for Winter Fire School. There are still some vacancies.

b. Regional Fire School needs to figured out. What do you want for the school. If you want any props we need to get them booked. Forcible entry and driving simulator are two props that we will have. Kevin will send Beckie an email with possible props for the school.

4. Fill the Boot (Doug-Simply Bliss BBQ and Dickies BBQ)

a. They would like to give back to first responders. They would like to propose a charity event-Fill your belly, fill the boot. All first responders and their families will eat for free. There will be social media advertising to promote event. 100% of the proceeds will go to your charity of choice. Location, date and details haven’t been decided yet. No expense to the fire depts.

a. Randy Willden made a motion to discuss it further and get all the details worked out. Would like to see it done before Christmas. Seconded by Gerry Neil. All in favor.

5. Dispatch Mapping

a. Todd Turner presented the Dispatch Mapping for jurisdictional boundaries for Fire.

i. All mapping changes need to go to each town council meeting. It also needs to go to COG in Feb. Regina will work with Todd to send out the proposed changes to all city Mayors and Fire Chiefs. NTFD response area needs to be re-instated to its original area until changes can be presented to their board.

ii. Quickest route is just waiting for Spillman to contact Regina and tell her when they’re ready to begin.

6. Old Business

a. Randy Willden asked about Fire 1 class-

i. Fire 1 class-Travis just got the information. He is putting together a calendar. Hazmat awareness will be Jan 2 and 4th. Jan 9 and 11th will be the start of the class. Travis will email out the schedule. He hopes to test May 5th. It will be Tue and Thurs.each week and every other Sat.

7. New Business

a. Ted Black-There will be a fire caucus luncheon. It is very impactful for firefighters to sit down and discuss issues. Please use the CTC Man Training center prop that was purchased.

b. Kevin-the CTC Man Training Center prop is 10 years old. They are going to provide training specific to your depts.for the CTC Man training center prop. There is a pilot class in Bryce Canyon this month. After that it will be at winter fire school. Then it can go out to every dept. in the state. It will be a lot more user friendly. It will be in a 4hr. block. If this association would like this prop for Regional Fire School Kevin can see if it is available.

c. Regina Call Signs

i. Kevin Russell emailed Regina saying there was some confusion to the call signs and they needed to make some changes. Regina did some research and found some depts. are using incorrect call signs. For the most part, each agency is doing a good job staying with the correct call signs. Dugway needs to go back to Station 12 and use 12 as the beginning of the call sign as soon as they come off the base. UTTR also needs some clarification.

1. Regina will send out the proposed changes to t
he call signs in Jan for approval.

ii. P25 Symposium in St George Nov 29 & 30th. UCA invite. Beckie will send out an invite to all fire chiefs.

8. Dan Walton-Fire Warden

a. Chipper days in NTFD was a great success. Greater than expected participation. If you would like to do it let Dan know and he can set it up. They hauled out at least 6 tons of material.

b. Dan met with Stockton Town Council. They discussed the purchase of new radios. Andy

c. S215 Urban Interface class Nov 17-18. He may have 5 openings left.

9. Roundtable

a. There was a deposit to the fire chief’s association in the amount of $3000. The new balance is $4575.00. The county needs to be invoiced for the $3000.

b. Randy Willden-The bounce house is being stored at the Erda Fire Station, it is on a trailer.

c. Sat is the Veterans breakfast at the Tooele Armory.

10. Adjourn

05, October 2017

Fire Chiefs Meeting 10-05-17

Attendees: Shar Manzione, Rodney Manzione, Brad Tippets, Travis Daniels, Dan Walton, Gerry Neil, Justin Huffman, Beckie Boekweg, Bucky Whitehouse

1. Response Area Mapping and Aide Modification

a. Todd Turner facilitated a discussion about jurisdictional boundaries.

2. Call to order

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order at 6:00.


a. Kevin Bowman (excused)

i. Winter Fire School

1. Registration open Nov 1 stat 8:00 AM. Keep checking for updates for class developments. Sign up early.

ii. Inspector Class

1. It seemed to go well. Thanks for input from students.

iii. TEAD has a CTC trailer from UFRA they have vacancies available for this weekend and next weekend. Friday 6-10 Saturday 8-4.

4. Open Business

a. If anyone is interested they can add a GPS Puck to your vehicle that will allow units to show up on the CAD screen. One challenge is you must initialize Spillman before you go rolling so they can see you. They are about $100. Talk to Regina if interested.

b. There are different phone apps that can be used for tracking purposes. Grantsville uses I Am Responding. Tooele City Fire is using Active 911.

5. New Business

a. 2017 Homeland Security Funds are available as of Sept 1st. Oct 19 that 11:00 AM there will be a meeting to discuss SHSP awards.

i. You will need to consult the AEL for all further purchases to make sure it is an approved purchase.

b. Motorola has requested to come to the next chiefs meeting to demo some radios.

c. Dan Walton is offering county assistance to purchase the new radios.

d. Vernon is having a HAZMAT refresher on Oct 16th 6-10PM & 21st 8-5PM

e. Dugway is having A-EMT refresher Oct 17 & 19th from 8-5

f. Dec 5th will be an advanced EMT class thru First Degree Medical at the EOC.

6. Roundtable

a. Justin Huffman-Stockton Fire-

i. Elections are next month for Fire Chiefs Association.

ii. Justin would like to have a group picture of the association in dress shirts at the next meeting.

b. Travis Daniels-Grantsville Fire- They are considering hosting a Fire 1/ Fire 2 certification class. They would need support with instructors.

c. Dan Walton-Fire Warden-

i. He has ordered a bounce house to share with all agencies. NTFD will use it next week. If anyone wants to put their logo on it send Dan your image. Blows up to 21×30 feet and 12 feet tall. Will use a local vendor to print logos.

ii. PMS 310-1 available on the NWCG website.

iii. Wildland Engine Academy will be this Nov. Will focus on Wildland Urban Interface. Please register early.

iv. Stockon, Rush Valley and Dan met about dry fire hydrants. They got some funding put together.The other interest in this is irrigation systems. They talked about trying to find grant money to install big water tanks, 100,000-gallon minimum. Rural Water Seminar-2 days. Dan will try to fund it if you are interested. Gotbigwater.com

7. Adjourn

07, September 2017

Fire Chiefs Meeting 9-07-17

Attendees: Chris Schubert, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg, Kevin Bowman, Kevin Russell, Randy Willden, Justin Huffman, Gerry Neil, Scott Pehrson, Dan Walton, Rob Critchlow, Heather Prescott, Regina Nelson, Bradley Tippetts, Andy Tanner, JD Cahoon

1. Call to Order

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order at 7:00.

2. Roll Call/ Approval of Minutes

a. Randy Willden made motion to approve minutes. Seconded by BuckyWhitehouse. All in favor.


a. Kevin Bowman

i. Vernon done with fire 1 & 2 ready for test

ii. Grantsville Inspector 1 class going well. Class participation is great.

iii. Regional Fire School all set for next year.

1. Extrication

2. Forcible Entry

3. CTC

iv. ICS 300 & 400 class being held in Draper. You can still sign up by emailing Dennis Goudy 801 652 3852 or Kaitlyn Petersen 801 863-7743

4. Open Business

a. Fee Schedule for Events

i. No discussion needed on fee schedule

b. Dispatch policies (Regina)

i. Status Check policy accepted

ii. Jurisdictional boundaries policy

1. Everyone participates in mutual aid

2. South end of county has automatic aid

a. Dugway must be requested to come off base.

b. If TEAD doesn’t automatically go then ask for mutual aid.

3. Regina needs input on boundaries and how each agency would like to see them.

iii. Dispatch now has new maps with many layers.

1. Dispatch is now tracking the ambulances. Thru a GPS Puck they would have the capability to track the fire trucks. Thru Spillman Mobile you can see the locations of trucks also. The puck is $80 to purchase with no service fee. This may allow an opportunity to send a closer unit to calls saving response time. It will plot you to your call.

2. The GPS and AVL policies will be tabled until the next meeting.

5. New Business

a. Bucky Whitehouse

i. Firsttwo.com website. Will provide information about property owners and property information. It requires a log in and password. Some Homeland Security Funding will be used to purchase access. 10 Log Ins will be purchased, one for each agency. Annual Fee

1. Spillman can also hold flag information. Contact Regina if you have any info to add.

b. After Action Report on Fassio Egg Fire

i. Grantsville-Felt there was a lot of fighting over water. Thanks to Dispatch. It was a chaotic situation. Thanks to Dan for getting water out of the tanks.There was no way to connect to the tank, there was no fitting to it. Thanks to Emergency Management. Would like to see more training after the tabletop. Man power went ok.

ii. North Tooele-Will be holding their own AAR on fire next Tue. Everyone is welcome to attend. Stansbury Park Station at 7 PM. Ryan Willden is the designated PIO for event. Andy has some drone footage, Randy has pics. He would like to see a table top. Randy ordered an adapter from 5 in to 6 in for valve. Stout from Tooele was the only one who had been on the property. Everyone needs to go back and make sure you’re back flushing your pump. All tenders sit for months and get rusty and go into the pump.Thank you everyone.

iii. Bucky-2 media sources have contacted him about water issues in the County. There are no hydrants in that area. The county is proposing to put water in the area. He would like to see hydrants put in the area. Everyone that went did an admiral job. We need to train layers down further into our hierarchy. Tooele City had first experience with drafting off their ladder truck.

vi. Bradley Tippetts-wondered how accountability went. May need some more training on that. We need to make plans for how things operate.

v. EOC-could have started sharing the load with dispatch. EOC will go on and report that they are active so dispatch can push responsibilities to them

vi. Kevin Bowman-Rod Hammer has the best presentation on water supply. It would be worth looking at. He is the chief at Cache County Fire

vii. Fassio Fire After Action meeting Thur Sept 14 that 7:00 PM at the EOC.

c. Bucky-Hazmat Refresher Course will be put together.

d. Bucky-an arrest was made on an arsonist in the Tooele City area. If you have anything suspicious, please report.

e. Randy-They have a scanner chaser showing up at scenes and exerting himself into some scenes.

6. Roundtable

a. Kevin Russell-treasurer-nothing to report.

b. Randy Willden-NTFD-have a film going on Ellerbeck Road. They have permit. NTFD will have a standby crew.Dispatch should be notified.

c. Justin Huffman-Stockton-dept. facebook ad for new fireman. They had 4 applicants.

d. Dan Walton-Fire Warden-Thanks to Terra, they have responded to lots of fire calls. Fire Restrictions stop Sept 15th. Open burn season schedule, still under fire restrictions. You can bring extra firefighters at $25 per person for reimbursement. Wildland Fire Academy, need dates. Looking to do an Urban Interface training first. It will be 2 days-Friday/ Saturday. He will invite other counties. Fire Depts that provide mutual aid come see Dan, he has some money to help with equipment.

e. Rob Critchlow-Grantsville-Lantern Fest at Sea Base this Sat. Inspector Class going good. Another Lantern Fest on Sept 23rd at UMC.

f. Regina-Dispatch-They are always in need of training. They need fire hours.

7. Kenwood Radios

a. Radio Presentation

i. Andy Tanner-UCA made notification that they are planning to go to phase 1 in 2018-2019. The radios we have will no longer work. JD Cahoon is the radio rep in the SLC area. Hewill provide information on the new Kenwood.

7. Meeting Adjourned

03, August 2017

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting Minutes 8-3-17

Attendees: Kevin Bowman, Bradley Tippets, Travis Daniels, Dan Walton, Justin Huffman, Shannon Gowans, Bucky Whitehouse, Randy Willden, Beckie Boekweg

Excused: Gerry Neil

1. Roll Call

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order at 19:03.

2. Approval of Minutes from July

a. Randy Willden made a motion to approve July meeting minutes. Travis Daniels Seconded. All in favor.

3. Open Business

a. Fee Schedule for Stand By for events.

i. Randy sent Bucky his fee schedule.

ii. Trying to all be on the same page with the fee schedule.

iii. Travis Daniels will bring Grantsvilles fee schedule.

iv. Item will be discussed next month.


a. Kevin Bowman

i. Brad Wardle is new director of UFRA. Dave Owens will be assistant director.

ii. Vernon has live fire testing on Aug 19th @ 8:00 AM. There are 7 people in the class. Please encourage your people to be there.

iii. Inspector 1 class started last Saturday.

iv. ICS 300 & 400- 9 different deliveries will be done on that. Dennis Goudy is main lead on this. It will start mid to late Sept. May possibly be held in Draper. Kevin will let Dennis know that the Tooele EOC is available for use. If you are interested please email Dennis at dennis.goudy@uvu.edu.

v. Ryan Peterson sent out an email on Hazmat Tech. They will do a Hazmat Tech class for 2 weeks in the middle of Sept. Names need to be submitted before Aug 22. Email names to petersry@uvu.edu. It will be held at UFRA. Kevin will check to see if there is a stipend for students to stay at UFRA for the 2 weeks.

vi. Bucky asked a question about Individuals that retire from the URS system and are required to resign from the dept. for a period of time- what will happen to their training records? Kevin will check on that. He also stated that as long as a chief validates their training records that they are current and up to date they will be accepted when they return.

5. Dispatch- There are 3 items that need to be reviewed and returned to dispatch.

a. Sgt.Shannon Gowans

i. Status Checks (10-36) for Fire Depts. Dispatch would like to know if status checks need to be offered on all calls or just high priority. Chiefs decided those checks should only be done on high priority or when requested.

b. Jurisdictions

i. Reviewing policies-

1. They now have layers in their new map. Please review your jurisdictions layer and provide notes to be returned to Regina.

c. Automatic Aide

i. Reviewing policies- Please review and return all notes to Regina.

6. Roundtable

a. Bucky Whitehouse- Tooele County Emergency Management

i. MWMC have donated two trailers back to the County. Would anyone be interested in a logistics supply trailer with mass casualty component? All depts. felt that was a good idea. The EOC will maintain as much of it as we can. Most all agencies call UFA or Salt Lake for hazmat response.

ii. Next chiefs meeting Kenwood would like to do a demonstration on their radio. They are about $600-$700 cheaper than Motorola. They will be placed on the end of the agenda so those who want to listen can stay. They will have a 20-min time limit. All radios must be changed over by the end of 2019.

iii. We are moving our pager channel bank from Blackcrook to Cedar in Oct.

b. Bradley Tippets- TEAD

i. 75th anniversary of the Tooele Army Depot. There will be an Open House. Aug 10th is main event.

c. Dan Walton- Fire Warden

i. Wild Fire Severity State of Emergency Declared by Governor. With the state of emergency, it makes it easier to get Blackhawks.

ii. Trent Bristol has accepted a new job.

iii. Dan would like to do an engine academy, 2-day event. The state has funding for it they just need a place to host it. TEAD could host.

d. Justin Huffman- Stockton Fire

i. Stockton Days on Aug 12th- they will be doing a burrito breakfast as 8:00 AM at ballpark. If you’d like to bring a truck to the parade that would be great. Justin will send out an email reminder a couple days before.

ii. Would like to get everyone together at one of the meetings for a group picture. A date will be set at the next meeting in Oct.

iii. Justin’s term is coming up at the end of the year so start thinking about who will replace him.

e. Bucky Whitehouse- Tooele City Fire

i. Day of Gratitude breakfast Aug 26th at Tooele City Park.

ii. EMT class is being held at the EOC Aug 1st thru Oct 14th. They will follow this one up with an advanced class in Oct.

iii. Tooele City has received notice of a possible lawsuit regarding the fire in Tooele City in 2016.

iv. Bucky will provide a copy of the weed abatement law for Tooele City.

v. Sept 11th the EOC will be holding an Open House. If you’d like to participate with a booth, please email bbboekweg@tcem.org

f. Randy Willden- NTFD

i. Wanted to tell Dispatch that they really appreciate all the help provided. They were right on top of it.

ii. Chili Cook Off is coming up. Would like to see a county wide team. NTFD will take the lead on it. Please consider participating as a Tooele team.

g. Travis Daniels- Grantsville Fire

i. Country Fan Fest went well.

ii. They have a demolition derby this weekend.

7. Adjourn

13, July 2017

Fire Chiefs Meeting 7-13-17

Attendees: Justin Huffman, Kevin Russell, Kevin Bowman, Neil Dymock, Bucky Whitehouse, Randy Willden, Jason Smith, Rob Critchlow, Travis Daniels, Casey Phillips, Beckie Boekweg

1. Bucky Whitehouse

a. Tooele City has had discussion about “stand by”. The consensus will be to draft a policy that if there is a special event for profit, they will be seeking an hourly rate for reimbursement. They will support non profit events as a volunteer.

i. Lantern Lights, Demolition Derby etc will be billed for reimbursement.

ii. Law Enforcement, Ambulance all get paid for stand by.

iii. Movie groups come into town and want fire trucks on stand by. They assume they don’t have to pay for stand by.

iv. Tooele City Fire is seeking consistency across the board for reimbursement.

v. Grantsville City Council sets their policy. They will share it with Tooele City Fire.

vi. Grantsville City doesn’t charge for fire inspections or repeat inspections for violations.

vii. North Tooele has permit fees in place.

viii. UID has a lot of unknowns for hazmat response. Tooele City is working on putting things in place to improve their situation, through a hazmat permit.

ix. Tooele City will share their policy for stand by once they get them in place.

b. Pagers are on sale right now if anyone needs to purchase them.

c. Radios- There will be a conversion to apex radios by 2019.

i. UCA radio fees are over. You may re allocate those funds to start converting radios.

ii. 2017 SHSP funds will be ready to be spent around Sept. Could be used to buy radios and Andy could facilitate a bulk purchase to reduce costs.

d. MWMC is interested in doing a fire based training at the hospital and would like to invite all departments to attend. Bucky will schedule a date and send it out. Chiefs can send out the invite.

e. Skull Valley reservation is without their main water well.

f. Country Fan Fest is coming up July 27-30. They will do some fire works.

2. Kevin Bowman-

a. Vernon Flashover class was a great success. Vernon live fire class coming up. Joe has done a good job with it.

b. Inspector 1 class roster is in place. Class will be July 29th. Kevin will provide a media kit. All participants have been notified.

c. Regional schools suffer for lack of attendance. They feel the problem is a lack of communication from the chiefs to the training officers to the guys. We need to work on communication. Tooele has had a successful regional school. Just double check with participants to make sure they are ready to attend.

d. Regional School is set for April 27-28 2018. Tooele Regional school will be set for the last week of April every year. Combination of hands on class and development work well for regional school. Kevin will make whatever the Fire Chiefs want work for the school.

3. Roundtable

a. Rob Critchlow

i. Country Fan Fest coming up. Lantern Fest has been moved back. Preparing for traffic. Lantern Fest has a traffic plan approved by DOT.

b. Randy Willden

i. He has LN Curtis coming out. They will be doing their SCBA bottles. If anyone has any hydros that need to be done let him know and they can come there.

ii. They have been getting calls baiting North Tooele about sprinkler ordinances. John Stout has received daily calls.

iii. NTFD met with engineers about Golden Gardens today. They will be getting water eventually.

iv. They are building a new brush truck. Randy ordered all the parts. They are going to build a 4-door cab.

v. NTFD will visit with Dan and the Sheriff to discuss fireworks ban enforcement before the 24th.

vi. Call volume for the department is up.

c. Bucky Whitehouse

i. Seeing an increase in inquiries about food trucks.

d. Kevin Russell

i. Treasurer has nothing to report.

ii. Dugway Training Tower is available for use.

iii. Don’t forget about Dugway. Request them if needed. They have a new commander.

e. Travis Daniels

i. The Grantsville Mayor signed off on their truck last week. They will start construction on that soon.

f. Justin Huffman

i. Stockton Days is Aug 12th. All departments are invited to the parade in the morning. Justin will send out an email. They will serve breakfast burritos.

ii. Last week Dan and Justin went out to South Rim and discussed fire protection with a board and the future of South Rim. They were given some options. No decisions have been made.

4. Meeting Minutes from June Fire Chiefs Meeting approved.

5. Meeting Adjourned

01, June 2017

Tooele County Fire Chiefs Assoc. Meeting 6-1-17

Attendees: Bucky Whitehouse, Rick Harrison, Kevin Bowman, Justin Huffman, Gerry Neil, Scott Pehrson, Neal Dymock, Brad Tippetts, Travis Daniels, Rob Critchlow, Casey Phillips, Shawn Milne, Dan Walton, Randy Willden, Sgt. Yale, Beckie Boekweg

1. Call to Order

a. Justin called the meeting to order at 7:02

2. Minute approval for May Meeting

a. Randy Willden made motion to approve May meeting minutes. Seconded by Gerry Neil. All in favor.

3. Roll

4. UFRA-Kevin Bowman

a. Grantsville
Inspector 1 class is still going ahead. Rosters are due to Beckie by June 15
th. If not enough participants class may be opened to the Wasatch Front. This class is very
intensive and people need to be there.

5. Identisys Presentation

a. Duane Crabtree gave presentation on Identisys asset management tracking software.

i. Individual depts. could buy cloud based versions to use in their dept. for event management and personnel and asset tracking. The system is modular and you can buy it by the piece. The pricing sheet will be sent out.

6. Open Business

a. None

7. New Business

a. None

8. Kevin Russell-Dugway

a. Ribbon Cutting Monday June 5th 9 AM. You need to get your names to him so he can arrange for you to get on base.

9. Roundtable

a. Bucky Whitehouse-

i. There are rules coming out related to inspecting food trucks. State Fire Marshal’s Office will send guidance out about a unified approach to make sure those vehicles get inspected.

ii. Bickford would like to invite the fire chief’s association for a site tour July 13 at 6 PM onsite. Regular fire chiefs meeting will be held following the tour.

iii. Bucky will send out a group email requesting feedback on the Identisys system to determine if we will use it county wide. He will include more information.

b. Rick Harrison-

i. Camp Wapiti had their clean up on May 20th. There were close to 200 people that day. It was a very good project.

c. Dan Walton-

i. Carrington Island needs to have signs posted informing people that they are aware.

ii. BLM updates-Aircraft will be staffed at airport June 11th

iii. Fuel Moistures-1-3% on fine grasses and 6-10% on other grasses. Currently watching the potential for fires.

vi. New state fire policy-delegation of authority-the form will be included in the attachments. A private fire in your jurisdiction will not necessarily be handed over. Resources will still dispatch as planned. Dan will send out the pdf map and instruction on how to use the app for landownership maps.

d. Randy Willden-NTFD

i. PPE from NTFD can be shared and disbursed. They will be receiving new PPE.

e. Justin Huffman-Stockton Fire Dept

i. Nothing

f. Gerry Neil-Terra Fire

i. Nothing

g. Scott Pehrson-Vernon Fire

i. Nothing

h. Neal Dymock-Rush Valley Fire

i. Nothing

i. Bradley Tippets-TEAD Fire

i. Thank you to Dan for his help with the wildfire refresher.

ii. Joe Carnell is working with TEAD to define rehab for the responders. Looking for criteria for the IC to make decisions for rehab.

j. Travis Daniels-Grantsville Fire

i. nothing

k. Casey Phillips-Grantsville Fire

i. They finally have their new fire truck approved.

l. Rob Critchlow-Grantsville Fire

i. Thank you to everyone who helped with lantern fest.

ii. Demolition Derby on June 24th. Requesting 1 truck from Tooele City Fire and NTFD. They will have 1 ticket for each spouse. Travis is the point of contact for that.

m. Shawn Milne-Commissioner

i. Thank you on behalf of the commissio
n office for your sacrifice and response. Thank you for the help with lantern fest. Your feedback on this event would be very helpful so the next event can go more smoothly.

10. Adjourn

a. Next meeting will be July 13 that the Bickford explosives plant at 6 PM for a site tour.

04, May 2017

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting Minutes 5-4-17

Attendees: James Tarpley, Travis Daniels, Jed Morris, Kevin Russell, Neil Dymock, GerryNeil, Dan Walton, Kevin Bowman, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg

Excused: Justin Huffman, Randy Willde

1. Welcome/ Introductions

a. Kevin Russell is conducting meeting for Justin Huffman

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

a. Gerry Neil made motion to approve April meeting minutes. Seconded by Travis Daniels. All in favor.

4. Open Business

a. Bickford Explosives Plant-

i. Located off SR73. There will be 4 bunkers. They will create emulsion. They will be placarded. Until you combine all the product together it isn’t as big of a threat. The company is very credible; they would like to provide training. They would like fire chiefs to come and do a walk thru possibly in June. They will be blasting, 50 lbs at a time. They only plan to staff 10-15 people total. There will be a large firebreak around facility. They have a permit out of the fire marshal’s office. It will have an outer perimeter fence. They don’t want response for a

1. Would like to see a phone text for chiefs notifying about blasting. Hiplink will work.

5. New Business

6. Kevin Bowman UFRA

a. There are a couple classes being offered. Handouts were provided and will be attached to minutes.

b. Company Officer Inspector Class went well.

c. Regional Fire School went well. Thanks to all who hosted and participated.

i. Red Cross provided lunch on Sat.

ii. Reviews came back very positive.

iii. We will plan to have the class again next year.

1. The sooner the better to pick the date for next year. It would be good to keep it around the same time next year.

vi. Mobile Command is stopped right now. If you want it for your city that can still be done. The curriculum is being re written currently. Not sure if they will keep phase 1 & 2. Not sure the timeline on it right now.

v. Instructor 1 is a big deal in other regions. It’s a 2-day class. It’s a live class. It could be hosted at the Depot again.

vi. They are looking for information on Solar Panels to come back and do classes. They are hoping to get the class to winter fire school.

vii. Tooele County Regional Fire School for 2018 will be April 27-28. They will plan to do 3 prop classes.

1. We need the chiefs to promote it in their departments.

2. We can do extrication. We will need 4-5 cars for 20 people.

3. Hazmat refresher would be good.

4. We could use training on the explosives plant.

5. A fire 1 skills class could be done. 4 hour blocks. He will cater each block to what you want.

6. Fast Prop could also be done.

d. Grantsville Inspector 1 class is still going.

e. Inspector 1 class will be started in Aug. Beckie will be POC for roster. This is a college level class. June 29t the roster is due. Travis is POC for location and certification request for test. All classroom work. Attendance is mandatory.

i. Dates are: July 29th, and Aug 10, 12, 24, 26, and Sept 7, 9. Sept 23rd is certification test.

ii. 6-10 PM Sat classes are 8-5 PM

iii. www.uvu.edu/urfa

f. Flashover in Vernon is June 10th. Must have roster by May 10th. Kevin will send out a sheet that chiefs need to sign off on for participants.

7. Jed Morris-Chief Training Officer for Dugway.

a. Gave presentation on Dugways new Training Tower. Anyone can come out and do training free of charge, you just need to bring your own materials, PPE and SCBA’s. There is a liability consent for each person. A handout will be attached to minutes. You can email Jed to set up a training date after June 1st.

8. Dan Walton-Fire Warden

a. Policy for wildland reimbursement was brought up last meeting. It will be the new policy.

b. NTFD May 11 6:30 there will be a refresher.

c. Dan will get with TEAD for their refreshers.

d. Chainsaw class May 15-16, free. All day for classroom portion. 0700-1600 at lone peak. Let Dan know if you want to be on the roster. He will do their field certification.

e. He received a call from Pine Canyon fire station for a barn that could be burned by a dept. Dan will tell Randy.

9. Bucky-

a. SHSP 2015 is closing. Thanks to all who got their paperwork in.

b. SHSP 2016 has new requirements for documentation. All re allocations of money will be stricter. They will be analyzed monthly and run through the State.

c. Fit Test Machine? Would that be something this group would be interested in if there is money left over from Region 2?

d. Emergency Management will be improving our resource and asset tracking system. The company name is Identysis. It will be an inventory system as well as an accountability system. Your depts. can contribute around $500 per year to utilize the tracking system.
The recording keeping component needs to be improved and this system will provide the ability to run analytics, track personnel, keep inventory etc. It has an app to use on your phone. We will have the company come and demo it next month (June).

10. Roundtable

a. Nothing

11. Adjourn

06, April 2017

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting Minutes 4-6-17

Attendees: Bucky Whitehouse, Kevin Bowman, Dan Walton, Gerry Neil, Justin Huffman, Casey Phillips, Travis Daniels, Randy Willden, Rick Harrison, Bradley Tippets

1. Call to Order

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

a. Gerry Neil approved meeting minutes. Seconded by Randy Willden. All in favor.

4. Open Business

a. No open business

5. New Business

6. Apparatus Equipment (Will)

a. Will and Scott gave presentation on new products they have.

i. PPE-new boots


iii. Bad Axe

vi. Hazmat Tool

v. Set of Battery Powered Tools

7. Kevin Bowman UFRA

a. Company Officer Inspector Class

i. Went very well. Class was full. Inspection set for the 15

ii. Company Officer in Grantsville had 11 people registered and only 4 came. It is difficult to get all people together for the class. Rosters are a must have. Class is supposed to be canceled if rosters are incomplete.

1. A class will be scheduled in South Jordan. Could possibly have students who missed out here come to that class.

2. Bucky will talk to Scott about the south Jordan class.

3. Registration is thru canvas a platform used by UVU.

4. EOC facility was great for classroom.

iii. Vernon is doing a fire 1 & 2. They were able to get the books.

1. Flash over prop is set up.

vi. Inspector 1 class is an 8 hr day on Fridays. 5 or 6 Fridays. We can set it up any way you need it. Friday and Saturday is the best for the instructors.

1. Would like to hold the class Labor Day time frame.
August 18 th-19th, 25th & 26th and Sept 8-9th and 15th & 16th.

2. Work on Rosters now and get info to Kevin. Max 20 people.Min 8-12 people.

3. 45 hr class plus additional 5 hrs

4. Challenge for the class is the books. If we can lock in the date Kevin will get the books secured.

v. If you want classes scheduled, you have 60 days before the
date of the class to work out the details with Kevin. After that everything needs to be in place.

8. Regional Fire School

a. Everything is set for Regional Fire School. All classes are full.

b. Red cross will be providing the canteen. TEAD will provide coffee and snack.

c. Have PIO write an article for local newspaper.

d. Everything will be provided. Classroom is set up.

e. If anyone needs to be on the late list Randy will accept that.

9. Shelter Drill April 7th

a. Red Cross and Tooele County Health Dept and Emergency Management
are putting on a shelter drill at Stansbury High School. If you’d like to walk thru to see what a shelter looks like it will be set up at 7:00 PM.

10. Regina Nelson Resignation

a. Regina’s last day with Tooele County is April 20th. She has accepted a position with Utah County Dispatch Special Service District. She sent a letter for the association. If you’d like to read it contact Justin.

b. Randy Willden would like to see a representative from the Fire Chiefs Association on the interview panel for the re hiring of that position

11. FD Assistance Grant Reminder

a. Reminder the FD Assistance grant is soon to be due.

12. Roundtable

a. Bucky Whitehouse-

i. April 20th is COG-related to the status of dispatch and whether it will go to special service district or not.

ii. EM is looking for a quicker way for Red Cross response. Initially the Red Cross Rep was put on a structure fire page with the EOC staff. If in doubt have the RedCross respond, he brings many resources with him. If you hear EOC 10 on the radio, it is the Red Cross Rep. Dispatch also has the Red Cross contact info.

1. A prompt from Dispatch asking if utilities and Red Cross need to be sent would be helpful.

2. Please let Bucky know if there is a better or easier way for you to reach Red Cross.

iii. Red Cross is promoting smoke alarms in every home. They have a program they are rolling out to get them in.

vi. If Red Cross would like to bring out fire prevention materials for urban interface areas Dan could count that as entities participation.

v. The LEPC has been working with Bickford Explosives Plant, they will be located off SR 73. There will be several magazines. They have their own well. High level,
very credible organization. They are ready to do training with the Fire Chiefs Assoc. as to how to handle an incident on their property. They will be setting off charges and you will see smoke and hear blasts out there. If there is a wildfire that fringes on their facility they want all responders to stay out. Their property is full fenced. Bucky will provide the overview for the facility. They will have the Fire Chiefs Assoc. tour the facility

vi. Homeland Security for 2015 needs to be turned in.

vii. Andy is working on the paging system on the south end.

b. Dan Walton-

i. There is a chain saw class going on at Lone Peak. Let him know if someone needs to be on the roster. It is required if you are going to run a chain saw on national fire. Dan will have to take student out and field certify them. This is the classroom portion.

ii. There is an advanced wildland training at UTTR next month. Room for 8 more guys.

iii. New policy states that all firefighters must have wildland training.

1. Pack test-1 mile walk no weight in 16 minutes only if you want to be a qualified driver. The regular pack test still stands if you want to be red carded.

iv. Initial attack wildland reimbursements

1. Anyone helping with wildland initial attack minimum payment is 1 hr.

2. Portal to Portal

3. There is a new reimbursement form.

4. This subject will be put on the agenda again for next month’s meeting.

v. Dan has created a system to pay people to come out and help him. Upcoming projects:

1. Prescribed fire. Need red carded folks. April 12th tentatively at 8:00 AM.

c. Randy Willden

i. NTFD 4896 kicked off. Corey Jones promoted to Captain position

ii. Has 20 sets of turnout gear and rubber boots and helmets at Stansbury station. If anyone needs turnout gear.

13. Adjourn

02, March 2017

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting Minutes 3-2-17

Attendees: Justin Huffman, Cassandra Ray, Jonny Thatcher, Dan Walton, Shane Freeman, Scott Pehrson, Travis Daniels, Rick Harrison, Kevin Bowman, Bucky Whitehouse, James McDougall, Bradley Tippetts, Beckie Boekweg, Randy Willden

1. Call to Order

a. Justin Huffman called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

a. Jonny Thatcher made motion to approve Feb meeting minutes. Rick seconded. All in favor.

4. Open Business

a. No open business

5. New Business

a. Shane Freeman with the Division of Forestry Fire and State Lands presented the Fire Department Assistance Grant.

i. Slides from power point will be attached to minutes.

ii. Application to apply for grant can be found on their website.

iii. Timeline was handed out

iv. Letter to departments was handed out.

v. Award letter was handed out.

vi. $15,000 maximum reward per department.

vii. Ffsl.utah.gov all forms and letters can be found on the website. They must be downloaded and returned by mail or email.

6. Roundtable

a. Kevin Bowman- UFRA-

i. Monday will be Company Officer Inspector Class at the EOC 6:00 PM.

ii. Second class will be held March 20th 6:00 PM at the EOC.

1. There are a few openings for the March 20th class. Please email names and email addresses to bboekweg@tcem.org by March 9th.

2. Possible Grantsville locations (4-6 buildings) for inspections for training aspect.

iii. April 28-29 for Tooele Regional Fire School.

1. The Red Cross will provide food for the class.

2. Cassandra needs rosters for classes tonight.

3. Friday and Sat hours are 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00 both days.

4. Sat afternoon is open and will be scheduled.

5. State Suicide Prevention Team would like to do a class. A spouse class to be held as well. Chief Willden will schedule the Firefighters class at the Depot and the class for the spouses at the EOC.

6. Brad Tippetts added there is a person who offers a CISM class if anyone is interested. It could be done a different time than Regional Fire School.

iv. All this information is on the website for UFRA.

v. Joe Menino would like to put together a Firefighter 1 and 2 class in Vernon. He has instructors. Kevin could provide a prop for it. They would like the fast attack trailer. A new fire trailer will be available in the middle of March. Kevin can schedule that too.

1. UFRA doesn’t supply any Firefighter 1 & 2 books.

b. Rick Harrison- Tooele City Fire-

i. Nothing to report

c. Travis Daniels- Grantsville

i. Medical call yesterday- couldn’t get an answer from dispatch to check on. They did get a response for check off. Checked call log and the check on call was never received. Run number 31. Rescue Truck

1. NTFD has a problem getting a run number.

d. James McDougall-

i. Nothing to report

e. Brad Tippetts- TEAD-

i. TEAD is hosting a Fire Officer 3 class. He has reached out to all the DOD’s. It’s the first week of May, $600. Let him know if you have interest. Alabama Fire College will be putting it on.

f. Scott Pehrson- Vernon-

i. Nothing to report

g. Dan Walton- Fire Warden-

i. He will be holding two training classes at UTTR. There are 6 spots available. They will get their Firefighter Type 1 and Wildland Type 1. Later in week there are 3 refresher spots available in the same location.

ii. Reminder- you can’t put on your refreshers unless you are single resource qualified.

iii. He will be ordering wildland publications. If you need anything let Dan know.

iv. He will be doing the County CWPP on March 28th. It will focus on all unincorporated lands NTFD doesn’t respond to.

1. Dan will send Grantsville a copy.

v. Due to new State Fire policy, all MOU’s will expire April 1st. He needs them signed. County will still pay for initial attack for 2 hrs. Reimbursement forms are by people.

h. Jonny Thatcher-

i. Nothing to report

i. Cassandra Ray- NTFD-

i. Nothing to report

j. Justin Huffman- Stockton Fire –

i. Nothing to report

k. Bucky Whitehouse- Tooele City Fire/ TCEM-

i. Bryan Thatcher no longer works for State Fire Marshal’s Office. He now works for the University of Utah.

ii. UCA is now allowing Kenwood radios to be programmed. They are a new phase. They are smaller. They are $1900. Vendor information will be sent out. TCEM will have a couple here for you to look at.

iii. April 7th will be shelter drill at Stansbury High School. Pushing to recruit more Red Cross volunteers. It will be an overnight shelter.

iv. March 8th at 2:00 at the EOC, there will be a presentation by the State Hydrologist for 2017 flooding forecast. All are invited to attend.

v. SHSP 2015 grant needs to wrapped up by March 31st. Remember all documentation needs to be complete.

7. Meeting Adjourned

02, Feb 2017

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting 2-2-17

Attendees: Kevin Bowman, Kevin Russell, Gerald Neil, Stephanie Salazar, Tom Aston, Jody Black, Rick Harrison, Travis Daniels, Jon Thatcher, Justin Huffman, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg, James McDougal

Excused: Randy Willden, Rob Critchlow

1. Call to Order

a. Meeting called to order by Justin Huffman at 7:03.

2. Roll Call

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting

a.No minutes due to Fire Chiefs Dinner in Jan.

4. Open Business

a. Kevin Bowman- UFRA

i. Winter Fire School was held in Jan. it was a success.

ii. Company Officer Inspector Class

1. 13 people enrolled- all set up to get it going,

2. Need inspection buildings lined up for April 7th

3. Will need to hold an additional class for all the interest. Kevin will work on scheduling it.

iii. Regional School

1. TEAD will be hosting. Rosters are needed. Class is April 28th.

2. Chief Willden will be point of contact for both classes. Please submit everything to him.

3. Fire Chiefs will take care of fluids for prop area. Kevin will provide easy snacks. American Red Cross can help with snacks.

b. James- Paul Davis restoration

i. 30 yr old restoration company. They are really taking off in the fire department. He will be visiting in the next few months.

c. Dispatch- Stephanie Salazar

i. Please go thru hiplink and make sure everything is up to date.

ii. Admin pages- will no longer go just to the chiefs.

iii. Everyone is receiving Janells emails for reports

iv. All reports for Regina or Janell are relevant.

v. Dispatch thanks Tooele City for the plaque on the Tooele City Fire.

vi. There is usually a sergeant or an OIC on shift if there are any needs.

vii. Dispatch needs call sign to be as accurate as they can. Most of dispatch is new and still learning. Call numbers are important. Make sure you are answered by dispatch by with correct number.

d. Dan Walton- Fire Warden

i. Fire Assistance Grant will be discussed at the next meeting. 3 people from the State Office will be here.

ii. Feb 27- Mar 2 8:00-5:00 Dan will do a basic wildland class at the EOC. If you need people to get red cards send them to this training.

iii. Camp Williams is putting on an engine operator workshop. 4 days long. Lots of drills. May 8-12th. Flyer will be attached to minutes.

iv. Dan is setting up a Community Preparedness plan for Tooele County will not include NTFD.

v. Ibapah is asking for structure/ EMS training for 6 guys. Stockton and Rush Valley will do the training. Ibapah needs wildland gear. Dan can get the gear for them.

e. Treasury Report- Kevin Russell

i. Chief’s Dinner was paid to Patra

ii. Beckie was paid for Jan

iii. Received Stockton and Tooele County dues. NTFD is paid.

iv. Total $1467.53

5. New Business

a. None

6. Randy Willden (excused) call signs

a. Everyone needs to make sure they are using correct call signs.

7. American Red Cross

a. Tom Aston and Jody Black

i. Jody Black will be the Tooele County Liaison. Tom Aston is in the EM role.

ii. A handout will be attached to minutes that was explained by Tom.

iii. The Red Cross is broadening their spectrum of response as indicated on the handout. Early activation is key for them.

iv. For fire response on residential structure please call the Red Cross right away.

v. Tom Aston cell phone number is 801-440-8757

vi. Tom has a fire dog and it will be available to Tooele County soon.

vii. They are working on a catastrophic impassibility plan for I-80.

viii. April 7-8 Shelter Fundamentals class and a shelter exercise class in Tooele at the EOC.

ix. Pillowcase project and smoke alarm campaign. They are looking for community partners to point them to developments that need smoke alarms, they will provide everything for free, installation and smoke alarm. There is a lot of positive exposure involved. Pillowcase project- 3rd to 5th graders get a pillowcase and safety education. Pillowcase is for their families go bag in an emergency. Please let Tom know if you have referrals.

8. Roundtable

a. Gerry Neil- Terra Fire

i. They have a lot of snow.

b. Kevin Russell- Rush Valley Fire

i. They are experiencing a lot of static. Are they on South Mountain? Stockton is also having the same problems as well as TEAD.

ii. Vernon needs some donations.

iii. Cedars are being shredded up Johnsons Pass.

c. Dugway-

i. Training tower is supposed to be started this week. Once it is completed everyone is welcome to use it.

d. Tooele City Fire- Rick Harrison

i. Nothing to report

e. Travis Daniels- Grantsville City Fire

i. They need to have some people trained for Company Officer Inspector this next month.

ii. They just had their last committee meeting on the new engine. They should have funds next year. They will send out an RFP.

f. Johnny Thatcher- TEAD

i. Planning for regional school. Dispatch is welcome at regional school as well as basic wildland.

ii. Had a couple promotions.

g. Bucky Whitehouse- Tooele City Fire

i. They have a need for fire 1 and 2. They are trying to coordinate with UFRA. There is a minimum of 8 people.

h. Justin Huffman- Stockton Fire

i. Had a training with Rush Valley to orient each other with their equipment.

9. Adjourn

01, Dec 2016

Fire Chiefs Associations Meeting Minutes 12-1-16

Attendees: Kevin Russell, Kevin Bowman, Rick Harrison, Bucky Whitehouse, Bryan Thatcher, Mike Young, Stephanie Salazar, Dan Walton, Rob Critchlow, Casey Phillips, James Tarpley, Beckie Boekweg,Randy Willden, Justin Huffman

1. Welcome

a. Meeting called to order by Justin Huffman at 7:02.

2. Nov 2016 Meeting Minutes

a. Gerry Neil made motion to approve. Seconded by Rob Critchlow. All in favor.

3. Kevin Bowman UFRA

a. April 14th and 15th at Tooele Army Depot for Forcible Entry Prop. 12 people max. 4-hour class.

b. Company Officer Inspector class. Need 4-6 buildings where inspections can be done. 4-week time frame. 12 people max, 8 min. Kevin will need names and emails, send them to bboekweg@tcem.org asap. March 6th and 7th will be start date. EOC will be location.

c. Winter Fire School in St George on Jan 20th and 21st.

4. Annual Dinner

a. Jan 5th

– Spiros Makris to cater.

b. Email Justin how many people will be coming.

5. Kevin Russell- Treasurers Report

a. $1587.53 in budget

b. Rush Valley is spending SHSP money.

c. Dugway started contract building new training facility. Will have confined space facility attached to the side. Available to anyone who wants to use it.

d. Dugway has a Captain opening.

6. Bryan Thatcher

a. Hired new public education- Andrew McCormick.

b. Promoted Janna Demille to Utah Fire Incident Reporting System and will be hiring another admin assist.

c. Promoted Deputy State Fire Marshal Todd Hobein to be supervisor over the inspection and investigation section in our office.

d. License Plate grant awarded. Grantsville received the grant.

e. Winter Fire School Jan 2017.

f. Fire Prevention Board Jan 10th 8:30 AM SLC Council Chambers.

g. Bryan will be out Dec 25th to Jan 6th.

h. Fire Marshall Assoc. Meeting Jan 17th and 18th.

i. State Fire Chief Meeting Jan 18th.

j. Fire Arson Investigation Class will be taught by Bryan.

7. Bucky Whitehouse- Tooele City Fire

a. Assessment for response for unincorporated areas will be turned in soon. Checks should be out by beginning of year.

b. 2015 SHSP- start thinking about spending your money and turning in receipts.

c. How much Class A and Class B foam does everyone carry?

i. Dugway carries 1000 gallons on a trailer.

ii. NTFD carries foam sticks.

d. Drill with AirMed went well.

e. Emergency Management- Mtn West will be holding a memorial service for Jake Shepard on Dec 19th at 3:00 at EOC.

f. Dugway will be holding a class on Fentanyl Jan 9th at 6:00 PM at EOC.

8. Stephanie Salazar- Dispatch

a. Server migration has been fixed. Radio log is being fixed as well.

9. Gerry Neil- Terra

a. Everything is going well. Thanks for help with fire on reservation.

b. Currently has truck for Ophir. Going to return it in April. TEAD will respond to Ophir.

10. Rob Critchlow- Grantsville

a. Dynamite incident in Grantsville. Police will have bomb dog go through there. May have to respond again.

b. Will be on the City Council agenda to ask for a new truck.

11. Bradley Tippets- TEAD

a. Today was going away for Trevor Parker. He is going back to Hawaii.

b. Penny Thomas retires at the end of the year.

c. They are here to support everyone else. They are happy to host trainings.

d. Stockton and Tooele Army Depot will be doing training with busses. If interested in participating send Justin an email. They will practice cutting and burning a bus. Justin is working to try and get a UTA bus and a rideshare as well.

12. Justin Huffman- Stockton

a. Stockton is doing fine. Justin did Hazmat Tech in Alabama. Johnny Thatcher just finished his written portion and physical soon. They will have 4 hazmat techs.

13. Randy Willden- North Tooele Fire

a. March 1st they will be converting to 24 hr system. They will hire new full time captain. Hope to hire engineer position in a year.

b. Still trying to get Ambulance License

14. Adjourn

a. Next Meeting will be Jan 5th 7:00 Dinner.

03, Nov 2016

Fire Chiefs Associations Meeting Minutes 11-3-16

Attendees: Kevin Russell, Kevin Bowman, Rick Harrison, Bucky Whitehouse, Bryan Thatcher, Mike Young, Stephanie Salazar, Dan Walton, Rob Critchlow, Casey Phillips, James Tarpley, Beckie Boekweg
Excused: Randy Willden, Justin Huffman
1. Order

a. Meeting called to order at 18:00 by Rob Critchlow.

b. Bucky made motion to approve. Rick seconded by. All in favor.


a Kevin Bowman-

i. Forcible entry prop. Need dates.

1. 4 hr. class. 12 students max. 8 required to hold class. Can be held any amount of days depending on people.

2. Need location. Roster due 30 days before start date. Fire Chiefs need to pick dates and submit to Kevin.

3. We will need a dumpster close by. 1 hr classroom, 3 hrs hands on.

4. Tooele Army Depot can host.

5. April 14th & 15th or April 28th & 29th

ii. Company Officer Inspector-

1. Will be held at EOC.

2. 4 week course- 1st day 3-6 hrs. Prior to that they help everyone get logged into computer. The next 3 weeks on your own at home. Last day the host will need 4 businesses that will allow training inspections.

3. Need 8 students to hold. Max 12 students. Each dept will have a firm number of students by next meeting.

4. To be held in April

iii. Winter Fire School is open for registration.

1.The link is: http://www.uvu.edu/ufra/training/2017_winterfireschool_classlist/inde x.html

3. State Fire Marshal

a. Bryan Thatcher

i. Upcoming Legislation

1. Insurance Premium Tax Amendments- Senator Bramble

a. Restores money which was inadvertently removed from both the Fire Academy Restricted Account as well as from the Firefighter Retirement fund- $8 million to the Restricted Account and $17 million to retirement.

2. Firefighter Disability Amendments- clarifying language- Sen. Mayne

3. Firefighter Cancer Amendments- addition of certain cancers to the existing list.

4. UAS- Unmanned Aerial Systems- Drones: uses and restrictions- Sen. Harper

5. Local Amendments Incorporated as part of of State Construction Code-Rep. Ray

a. This bill may have some effect to certain cities who have amended the IBC or IRC in state statute- can be found in UCA: 15A-4-102 through 15-A-207- the Homebuilders Association is looking at specific cities who should be using the current 2015 family of codes (including the WUI code) to address these issues instead of having their own amendments.

6. Search & Rescue Card Amendments

7. Emergency Telephone Service Amendments

8. Utah Communications Authority Amendments

9. Medical Marijuana- Rep. Daw (enforcement) Sen. Vickers (regulatory framework)

10. Concurrent Resolution on Increasing Pay for certain Public Safety Officers and Firefighters- Sen. Weiler

11. Injectable Opiate Blockers Amendments- Rep. Ray

12. Building Code Review and Adoption Amendments- Rep. Redd

ii. Line of Duty Death Trust Fund- Cost to Participate

1. In 2015, House Bill 288, sponsored by the Governor. It also established a Trust Fund Board.

2. This Trust Fund is an “opt in” that municipalities and districts can join in order to provide medical premiums for surviving spouses and dependents of law enforcement and firefighters who are killed in the Line-Of-Duty

3. Annual rate of $98.00 per participant per year is the cost that has been established by the Trust Fund Board; that’s $8.17 per month.

iii. Firefighter License Plate Grant- Submission deadline was Oct 17th; the grant committee will be meeting soon to review and award those grant funds.

iv. Grantsville called him out for help with a structure fire. They did a great job stopping the fire.

4. Dispatch

a. Stephanie Salazar

i. Dispatch and other agencies are having a hard time getting thru to the IC with all the chatter on the radio. If another agency is trying to key up watch the overtalking.

1.Bucky asked if Dispatch could start paging out on another channel if there is a priority event in progress. Bucky encouraged dispatch to page fire on different channels as a training tool for the volunteers to get better on the radio.

2. Fire 3 will not be a priority. It is old FireEMS channel. Fire Ground is STA-4

3. Cannot have IC on fire ground. They will start paging out on another channel to everyone use to it.

4. Dispatch will leave everyone on their channel but its your responsibility to separate channel. They will prompt and ask. Policy is not to switch. Make sure you indicate if it is priority traffic. Dispatch is listening and keying.

ii. Wendover is getting a lot of 3rd pages. They will get on radio and acknowledge page and state en-route.

1. 1st page is at 5 and the next is at 3

iii. Thank you dispatch for help with Broadway Fire. They did a great job.

iv. If you have an issue with Active 911 please email Regina or call customer support.

5. DNR

a. Dan Walton

i. Will be coming around and doing inspections in the next 3 weeks. He will coordinate with everyone.

ii. Nov 10th Stockton will sign their community preparedness plan. Good job Stockton. They will be working to become a firewise community.

iii. Dan emailed everyone about the Utah State Fire Dept grant. They could come out in Feb and give a presentation at Chiefs meeting.

6. Sheriff

a. Not in attendance

7. Forestry

a. Not in attendance

8. BLM

a. Not in attendance

9. Treasury

a. Kevin Russell

i. Commissioners have cut check.

ii. Gave report on finances.

10. Emergency Management

a. Bucky Whitehouse

i. Variety of hazmat calls in the last month. NTFD has a situation where a heater from a jet motor was leaking. They had a hard time with clean up companies.

1. There is a list of local clean up companies on the www.tooelelepc.org website. We will also provide a handout to keep in truck.

2. The LEPC can take action against companies if they fail to clean up properly.

3. EM has boxes of absorbent if there is a need. There is a trailer for the south depts. Absorbent will be stored there. There are plenty of hazmat supplies if any depts. need them.

ii. Special Operations agreement needs to be signed by Dec 1st for payout. Email Bucky information about certifications and such.

iii. The South end is going to do a transfer of simulcast to help with quality.

iv. CERT programs are talking about Fire Corp. It is a support citizen corp program for fire depts..

11. Old Business

a. None

12. New Business

a. None

13. Roundtable

a. Tooele Army Depot has inspector retiring in Dec. They will be replacing her. They have a captain moving and they will be hiring for that. There was a fire in a storage building. It was fully involved and total loss.

b. Rush Valley Fire- still there.

c. Dugway Fire- is hiring a lot of people. They have an air trailer. There is a new program instead of sending stuff to DRMO there is a fenced in area where volunteers get first shot. You can put in an application for resources. Kevin can get you applications.

d. Tooele City Fire- Broadway Fire- Still searching rubble, no answers yet. Property owners were given 10 days to demolish building. New ladder truck was deployed and used for fire.

e. Wendover Fire- Is anyone interested in a 1996 Peirce Lance platform truck? Has offer of $7000. Hired another firefighter, now has 4.

f. Fire Warden- has a pallet of bladder bags, nozzles, fittings etc. at State shops. You are welcome to it. All wildland stuff.

14. Meeting adjourned.

a. Next meeting is Dec 1st at 7:00 at EOC.

06, Oct 2016

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting Minutes 10-6-16

Attendees: Gerry Neil, Rob Critchlow, Travis Daniels, Michael Young, Dan Walton, Rick Harrison, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg

1. Order

a. Rob Critchlow conducting meeting. Called to order at 7:04.

2. Minutes

a. Gerry made motion to approve September Meeting minutes. Seconded by Rick. All in favor.

3. Dispatch

a. Too much chatter on the radio on scene from responders. Dispatch would like them to move to fire ground.

i. Bucky feels that this needs to be clarified.

ii. Beckie will send invite to dispatch for next meeting held in Nov.


a. Kevin Bowman is excused.

5. Emergency Management

a. Bucky Whitehouse-

i. 2016 Homeland Security Grant will be available in Nov. Articles of Agreement are due Oct 7th. Grant Applications are due Oct 12th. Please send all to bboekweg@tcem.org

ii. 2015 SHSP is due by March 30th 2017. Please work on making purchases and getting invoices and proof of payment submitted to Beckie.

iii. Think about any projects that all fire dept’s could benefit from to use SHSP money.

1. Dugway is working on a training module for fire training purposes. Depts can use facility and will only need to reimburse for propane.

iv. Hazmat Response Agreement

1. EM is working on getting the agreement signed by all jurisdictions. In the agreement it says that in order to be a Tier 1 at least 2 people need to be certified at tech level certification. Bucky will ask everyone to create by name or category the number of individuals and their certifications. Also the agreement asks that depts. will respond in other areas when requested and that depts. participate in Fire Chiefs Meetings. Bucky does the evaluations and makes recommendations to commissioner for Tier level and dollar amount of award. Award will come out in December.

6. Fire Warden

a.Dan Walton-

i. Dan would like some help with the Wildfire Mobilization Guide 2017. Please review and give feedback. Attached.

ii. He will be doing red card classes soon. He can travel to your dept.

iii. It is open burn season until Oct 30th after that they will issue burn permits. Next burn season is March 30th to May 30th.

7. Roundtable

a. Gerry Neil- nothing to add

b. NTFD- They will be holding an open house on Wed 1800-2200. TEAD and Dugway will be holding open houses also for Fire Prevention Week.

c. Rick Harrison- Tooele City Fire Oct 15th Open House 10-2. Refreshments.

d. Michael Young- Wendover Fire- Nothing to add.

e. Dan Walton- Fire Warden- Nothing to add.

f. Travis Daniels- Grantsville Fire- Nothing to add.

g. Beckie- Keys found at Coleman during Tooele City Fire. Bucky will have them.

8. Meeting Adjourned

a. Rob made motion to adjourn. Seconded by Gerry. All in favor.

1, Sep 2016

Tooele Fire Chiefs Association Meeting Minutes 9-1-16

Attendees: Bucky Whitehouse, Rick Harrison, Bryan Thatcher, Kevin Bowman, James Tarpley, Jon Thatcher, Gerry Neil, Rodney Manzione, James Turner, Rob Critchlow, Beckie Boekweg, Cassandra Ray
1. Order

a. Meeting called to order by Justin Huffman at 1900

2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Minutes August 2016

a. Gerry Neil Made motion to approve Aug 2016 minutes. Seconded by Johnny Thatcher. All in favor.

4. UFRA- Kevin Bowman

a. Forcible entry training props are ready now to be used during training

b. Flashover trailer in Dugway 21st and 22nd.

c. Reminder of Winter Fire School on Jan 20-21, 2017.

d. Encourage you to look at UFRA website for more information.

e. Ufra could do a Fire Inspector class if requested and has minimum number of students 8 with a max of 20 students. This class is 45 hours plus 4 hours for certification testing. This class is geared more for fire inspector/fire marshal

f. Ufra has a new class now called the Company Officer Inspector, it is a class that is a blended class that runs about 4 weeks. The first day is logging on to the computer and learning how the class will work. The next 3 ish weeks will be on line work then the last day is hands on inspections within your jurisdiction. So a 4 week period with approx. 12 to 16 hrs of classroom time and on line time on your own. This class is not for a certification but you receive a certificate of completion from UFRA. This class is geared more for the daily company officer level inspections.

i. Bryan Thatcher will come out to each departments training night and expand on Company Officer Training.

1. Bucky will be point of contact for that training.

ii. . www.onlinetraining.nwcg.gov for online wildland training

5. State Fire Marshal- Bryan Thatcher

a. Fire Prevention Board Sept. 13th. Agenda will be shared with group.

i. R7-10 are all the rules. State Auditor realized State Fire Marshals rules are not consistent. They are rewriting all the rules. You can look up the rules at www.firemarshal.utah.gov or Utah dept of Public Safety- division- Fire Marshal

b. LP Gas board is Sept 23rd.

c. Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Class is available. Will be in New Mexico. Contact Art Deyo to register. Free

d. Interviews were conducted today for hazardous materials trainer. Will complete hazmat section of their office.

e. Kim Passeys position is still not disclosed.

i. Bucky added that tips are still coming in from Fire in Tooele City.

6. DNR/Fire Warden- Dan Walton

a. Congratulations to South Rim they finished their CWPP. Terra and South Rim are the only two depts. to have CWPP. It requires 3-4 meetings if you would like to get your CWPP.

7. Dispatch

a. Nothing for Dispatch

8. Sheriff

a. Nothing for Sheriff

9. Forestry- James Turner

a. They have been pretty busy on the forest past couple months. 3 fires going right now in the forest. Dan stepped in and IC’d the Davenport fire- 320 acres. Controlled at this point. There will be a locked gate at Davenport. Keys will be given for fire access. Thanks for all the help.

10. Treasury
11. Emergency Management- Bucky Whitehouse

a. As a result of the fire that occurred in July, Utah Motorsports Campus has 200 tickets for Fire departments for Nascar Series in Sept. Please put out word with your departments to see how many are interested. Bucky will take care of getting tickets.

b. 2016 SHSP funding will be available in end of Sept, first part of Oct. Info for grant will be due back to State in Nov. You will be receiving the same amount of money as last year.

c. Sept 12th Emergency Management will be holding an open house from 5-8. Sept is National Preparedness month. We would like to have all involved in event. You can bring equipment or set up a table. Please let Becky know if you will be able to participate.

12. Open Business

a. None

13. New Business

a. Rob Critchlow- Dispatch Playbook

i. Grantsville and North Tooele have places where there are no fire hydrants. They would like to have dispatch be able to page tenders to area that apply. TEAD would support that. Dan would support that and provide information. Tooele City will participate. Other water sources would be identified as well.

14. Roundtable

a. Rob Critchlow- Grantsville- Thanks for help with the lantern fest.

b. James Turner- Forestry- Thanks Dan for the help with Davenport.

c. Rodney Manzione- Vernon- nothing

d. Gerry Neil-Terra- nothing

e. Justin Huffman- Stockton- Thanks for support of Stockton Days. Finished ISO rating with State, waiting for what they determine.

f. Jon Thatcher- Stockton- nothing

g. James Tarpley-TEAD- Depot is still down a brush truck. They will have an opening for a job in a couple weeks.

h. Cassandra Ray- NTFD- Thanks to Dan for help with Davenport. Thanks Grantsville for help on Burmester.

i. Dan Walton- Fire Warden- nothing

j. Rick Harrison -TCFD- nothing

k. Bucky Whitehouse- TCFD- nothing

15. Meeting Adjourn

a. Rodney Manzione made motion to adjourn. Seconded by Rick Harrison. All in favor.

04, Aug 2016

Fire Chiefs Association Meeting 8-4-16

Attendees: Travis Daniels, Kevin Bowman, Neal Dymock, Kevin Russell, Rodney Manzione, Gerry Neil, Tom Thatcher, Justin Huffman, Steve Griffith, Bryan Thatcher, Mike Young, Dan Walton, Rick Harrison, Shannon Gowans, Bucky Whitehouse, Beckie Boekweg
1. Call to Order

a. Meeting was called to order by Justin Huffman at 19:00 hrs.

2. Roll Call

3. Minutes

a. No minutes from last meeting


a. Kevin Bowman– hiring for UFRA tester positions. Application on the website. Open until Sept 1. Train the trainer Aug 11th. No idea on hrs? Hopefully ready for delivery Sept or Oct. Pilot course in SLC another in Ogden. Forcible entry this week on the 8th. Winter Fire School Jan 20-21. Change in the speakers, new people, adding new classes. Regional School Oct 8th in Moab. In process of scheduling a lot of classes. Let him know if he can help schedule anything for this group. Company Officers Course is getting finalized.

5. State Fire Marshal

a. Bryan Thatcher – Discussion on Tooele City Fire. His perspective and 20 years of fire service, he has never seen anyone take a stand like that and stop fire from progressing. Ken Passey retired. Wade Francis came from Hill field and National Guard. Andrew McCormick is new public education specialist. Art Deyo is new section manager over hazmat replacing Mike Riley. Fire Marshal appreciates everyone’s efforts this season. If you have any significant fireworks events in your community let them know. (structure fire incidents) National Training classes available, they are free but require travel. Highly recommend class in New Mexico. Hazmat trainer 3 open at statejobs.utah.gov. New information on Tooele City Fire from Tooele City that was helpful, he still needs to hear from Tooele City Police. TEAD brought out their drone which was very helpful. He already received the CD’s and is amazed at the footage provided. He was able to document every one of the losses for insurance purposes. 1-2 times per month they have Valley Metro Task Force get together and share information and he was able to share the Tooele City Fire info to compile data. If you have any fires, especially if suspicious report to Bucky, he will compile the data. Include physical descriptions.

i. Bucky- right now Tooele has 4 set fires that are suspicious.

6. DNR/Fire Warden

a. Took trip to Ibapah and realized they don’t have any wildland PPE or HF radios. There are federal grants available if you feel you need some things. Submit it to Dan. He won’t be able to submit application until fall. FBS shift tickets and reimbursement statements- county pays first two hours, if you fill out a shift ticket you can get reimbursed by the state. Contact Dan for specific info to fill them out. Had good response on tribal fire.
Thank you for the hard work. BLM was concerned that vehicles were going too fast. Concerns about vehicles blocking the road. BLM is appreciative of help. 1000 acres involved in fire. Ophir fire dept. has 1 guy active at this point. It is undetermined if they will remain a township. Gary Vario is point of contact for fire.

7. Dispatch

a. Justin-

i. The text messages that go out through CAD do not always have the most updated information. Example: the structure fires in Tooele started as an “outside fire” in a field and quickly spread to homes. The text message sends when the first unit or station is dispatched to the call. How much narrative that goes out is dependent on how far the call-taker is into the call and the dispatch time. There may or may not be a lot of information in the narrative at the time the system sends the text. The text the night of the structure fires did not indicate the severity, this is when the voice pages are important.

ii. Additional manual text paging through dispatch to groups is an option as long as it is requested.

iii. Wendover FD has not been notifying Dispatch quickly of their response. Example from Sgt Heather Prescott: Last night there was a fire near Lakeside and WCFD was paged to respond. It was 6-7 minutes after the page before they questioned whether they needed to respond or not. Dispatch does not dictate response so we can not be responsible for making that determination. Heather’s crew sent Lakeside and the fire was out as soon as they arrived on scene. If it’s within the Wendover FD response zone and they don’t respond who should Dispatch call? Closet unit or North Tooele FD? (North Tooele FD)

iv. Ladder 222 is calling out as Ladder 22.

v. NTFD- Second page was done on active 911 for NTFD. Thank you!

8. Sheriff

a. Not Present

9. Forestry

a. Not Present

10. BLM

a. Not Present

11. Treasury

a. Kevin Russell- Hasn’t heard on the $1000 from the commissioners, need to give invoice to TEAD. Check?

12. Emergency Management

a. Bucky- 2015 SHSP is available, please use it. 2016 will be out this fall. State Fire Marshalls office is interested in conducting a flow study in Sept. Looking for volunteers. Will be on intersection of SR 36 and 138. More info to come. Active Shooter training Aug 19th at the EOC, all are welcome to attend. Free Pancake Breakfast for all first responders Aug 13th at 8 AM all proceeds go to fire victims. Side effects of Tooele City Fire- people wanting to do mitigation work. Is anyone interested in doing an organized
effort to promote mitigation? Or do you all want to do it alone? Dan will set up meetings and bring representatives. Citizens are able to log hours. Thanks to everyone who came to fire. Support much appreciated. Hotwash brought up points that needed improvement. 1st- radio gridlock in mutual aid response. Units should be paged on Fire 2- non essential channel for staging. Would like to have dispatch help set that up. Bucky appreciates prompting by dispatch. Bucky will have it added to fire policy to be prompted by dispatch. 2nd- medical group- anytime medical gets paged out to support fire activities Joe Carnell is asking Chiefs to come up with expectations for medical on scene. Medics would like to know who makes final determination on when firefighter is ready to go back out after rehab. Could they have a safety officer coming and going from rehab to help assess that. Randy- Firefighters should check in and out of rehab from division they came out of. Joe was apologetic for the confusion with his medics. 2 rehab spots should have been set up for this size of fire. Joe would like to come to fire chiefs meeting to get guidance from group. Thank you for all your help. The So. Baptists and Team Rubicon were able to remove all debris from total loss houses. Have been questioned if our community could establish a volunteer group like that. Need to discuss how new volunteers will report in for assignments on big fires that didn’t come in first wave. They need to be ready to partner up with other agencies. Travis- suggested that one time a year every dept. get together and train together to get to know each other.

i. Myron Bateman- Would like to complement our dispatch center. The most important thing in large events is communication. Incident command did an excellent job. Kernel at TEAD is happy to have mutual aid.

13. Old Business

a. Secretary Position- Justin talked to Shar from Vernon, she said she would help if needed. Justin talked to Beckie about being secretary. Gerry has tried to contact Chris Holland- no response. Randy made motion to have Beckie Boekweg as secretary of Fire Chiefs Association. All in favor.

14. New Business

a. Randy- Lady from Denny’s wants to give every firefighter and EMT on the fire a breakfast coupon. Please take one for each person who responded from your dept. Please thank Denny’s for generosity. They have been huge community partners. Encourage all to support community breakfast on Aug 13th. We really need to show support for these events. NTFD has received tentative approval for request for ambulance licensure. They have to apply for variance of license to provide 1 paramedic and 1 AEMT in lieu of 2 paramedics. Asking this group to sign a letter of support that you support application. Kevin made motion to support letter. All in favor. Motion passes.

15. Roundtable

a. Mike- Wendover- a go for Speed week Aug 13-19th. There are over 400 entrants. They have a private fire service for event. Wendover will cover anything that happens outside of salt flats.
b. Justin- Stockton Days Aug 13th They will have a breakfast and parade. Please bring a truck if you can. Justin will email out for anyone who wasn’t here to ask them for participation in the parade. Parade is 10:00 AM

c. Gerry- Terra- Thanks to Stockton, Dugway and Rush Valley for help in fire the other night. There is a new road in Skull Valley and it has a soft shoulder.
d. Kevin- Rush Valley- Completed ISO rating today. It went very well. Donating/ Selling their Peirce pumper. They will train them on it. Dugway is still in hiring process. Oct doing firefighter challenge. They will include women’s teams. Chief is adamant about getting additional county radios. They need 10 mobile and 5 hand helds. County will program them before they are installed. There will be a monthly fee paid to UCA. Andy will be contact for purchase. Current frequency can be put in new and old radios with Dugway’s approval.

e. Randy- NTFD- what would Grantsville like them to do with calls that come to them when Grantsville isn’t answering. How should people get ahold of fire dept.? Need to talk to programmer at DEQ about burn permits next year. North Fork Fire has a LaFrance they would like to donate to someone. NTFD can help Ibapah with PPE.

f. Travis- Grantsville- Please excuse Robbie. Lantern Fest- can NTFD and Tooele City Fire dept. supply a truck Aug 20th. Keep them appraised at how timely you get paid for it. Would like to see an inspector class at fire school this year. Would rather have it done local if possible.

g. Rick Harrison-Tooele City Fire Dept. would like to thank everyone for all the help they got on the fire that night. When the fire season is over they would like to do an appreciation dinner. Date to come. They will provide a truck at Stockton Parade.

16. Adjourn

a. Gerry made motion to adjourn. All in favor. Adjourned.

12, Nov 2015

Tooele County Fire Chiefs Association

Meeting Minutes
12, Nov 2015

The regular meeting of the Tooele County Fire Chiefs Association was called to order at 19:09 on 12, Nov 2015 in Tooele County by Chief Randy Willden.


Chief Bucky Whitehouse – TCEM – Tooele City Fire

A/C Justin Huffman – Stockton

Tom Wilson – Tooele County Fire Warden

Chief Gerry Neil – Terra Fire

A/C Rob Critchlow – Grantsville City Fire

Dave Owens / Kevin Bowman – UFRA

A/C James Tarpley-Tooele Army Depot

A/C Cassandra Ray-NTFD

Chief Randy Willden – NTFD

Chief Kevin Russell – Rush Valley / Dugway

Harold Chadwick – Ex-Officio (Grantsville)

Chief Mike Young – Wendover City Fire

A/C Travis Daniels – Grantsville Fire

Teresa Rigby – BLM / WDD

Jeremy Seng – BLM / WDD

(These are the people who signed the roll)


Treasurer – Bank Balance of $801.00

(Chiefs dinner and Dispatch gifts)

Harold would suggest that we hold the dinner every other year.

Short exchange about the dinner, no decision made.

Tooele County Chiefs should be recognized as a separate entity

Bucky asked what we should do about admin functions.

The County funds we are requesting could be able to pay for a person to transcribe the minutes.

Motion made by Gerry to send Bucky, myself and Harold Chadwick to meet with the Commissioners to get them to recognize out Association formally and to get them to reinstate our funding to an acceptable level. Seconded by Chief Russell, Voting was unanimous.

Banking discussion – New Treasurer will move the banking in 2016.


Dave Owens came out to introduce Kevin Bowman to the group.

Kevin is new (two weeks) to UFRA as a Program Manager and is excited to be representing UFRA to Tooele County.

Fire I & II class discussion and a Regional School. Does Tooele County want these deliveries?

NTFD has five people in-house; Tooele City has five or six for FFI & II, including “Live Fire” and Haz-Mat. UFRA suggests that we use the “Blended” approach to HM Ops.



UFRA would like us to set-up a yearly training calendar for UFRA needs.

Kevin Russell suggested dates for Regional School – April 22-23 (Friday & Saturday) All Day. CTC, FAST Prop and  ??? will be provided.

Winter Fire School (WFS) is coming together – over 600 people registered so far.

Website up now-Classes are posted, Registration filling fast.

New Forcible Entry prop coming from UFRA


Tom Wilson – TC Fire Warden

Nothing tonight

Sheriff Wimmer – Excused

Bucky Whitehouse – TCEM

Bucky reminded everyone about using LETPA funds for Winter Fire School for 2016.

We also discussed the reimbursement process for the LETPA.

2015 Articles of Agreement for the Grant are out, please get the Articles signed and back to Beckie.

We had a significant communications issues due to high winds at the South Mountain site.

Bucky showed the Tooele County Emergency Services website to the group. Explained what we could enter into the site, Minutes, agendas, meeting dates, drills, training calendars, etc. Tooele County Emergency Management will administer the site.

We will add the by-laws of the Association on this site.

Active Shooter drills and tabletops are coming. If you are interested, contact Bucky.

Bucky discussed the Bomb Team response and training available to us from the Region II bomb teams. Bucky would like to schedule some explosives training for the group. Day and night time training to cover full-time and volunteer FF’s.

Critical Incident Command training coming – Tabletop and classroom training.  Nov 30, Dec 1 & 2. TC EOC.

Road Update – Unable to hear his announcement about asphalt on the tape.

Chief Willden-

License plate grants came out today (11/12/2015)

Vote on by-laws Chief Gerry Neil made a motion to approve, Harold Chadwick seconded the motion. Vote was unanimous. 2015-2016 By-laws stand as approved. They will be placed on the website.


Bucky Whitehouse will run the nominations for new officers:

2016-2017 President – Justin Huffman by Gerry Neil, seconded by Chief Willden

2016-2017 1st. Vice-President –  Rob Critchlow by Gerry Neil seconded by Kevin Russell

2016-2017 2nd Vice-President –  Rick Harrison by Harold Chadwick, seconded by Randy Willden.

2016-2017-Treasurer  –  Kevin Russell by Randy Willden, seconded by Gerry Neil.

Nominations closed until December 2015 meeting.

Dues discussion – Gerry Neil made a motion to up the dues by $25.00 per department for 2016, seconded by Rob Critchlow. All departments represented agreed to the increase. Unanimous vote taken


Rob Critchlow – Casey will be the Chief, Rob and Travis will be A/C’s next two years.

Harold – Nothing

Chief Willden thanked Harold for his years of service to the Association.

Chief Whitehouse – Elections at Tooele City Fire. Bucky will be Chief, Rick Harrison will be 1st Assistant and Chris Schubert will be 2nd Assistant for next two years. Driveway issues due to the Ladder placement.

A/C Ray – Nothing

Tom Wilson – Equipment has been loaded into the new billing system, each Chief will review the entries when Tom sends them out.

Chief Neil – Burglary at the Terra station – Tooele County is not helping out on the repairs or replacement of stolen items.

Chief Russell – Hiring more people at Dugway; Rush Valley is surplusing some vehicles.

A/C Tarpley – Tooele Army Depot – Lots of action at Depot also, hiring promotions coming soon.

Justin Huffman – Elections for officers in Stockton Fire are next week.

Jeremy Seng and Teresa Rigby from the BLM came to be part of the association, just interested in being part of the group. Teresa had some points on Drone Use and some handouts. Teresa also talked about communications problems on her burn pile notification. She will send it out to Bucky / Beckie and it will go out on his website. Also, for now, notify all of the chiefs.

Chief Young – New 100’ Platform truck (Used) in Wendover City. “I now have more apparatus than firefighters”.

NTFD – Made final inspection trip to Florida for Road Warrior. The rig will be enroute to Tooele County soon. It is RED.

Next Meeting –  Dec 03, 2015

Motion to adjourn – Harold Chadwick

New Business


01, Oct 2015

Tooele County Fire Chiefs Association

Meeting Minutes
01, Oct 2015


The regular meeting of the Tooele County Fire Chiefs Association was called to order at 19:02 on 01, Oct 2015 in Tooele County by Chief Randy Willden.


Chief Mike Jensen – Tooele City Fire

Chief Bucky Whitehouse – TCEM – Tooele City Fire

Chief Rick Harrison – Tooele City Fire

Chief Jared Carlson – Stockton City

A/C Justin Huffman – Stockton

Tom Wilson – Tooele County Fire Warden

Chief Gerry Neil – Terra Fire

A/C Rob Critchlow – Grantsville City Fire

Raleigh Bunch – UFRA

A/C James Tarpley-Tooele Army Depot

Bryan Thatcher – State Fire Marshal’s Office

A/C Cassandra Ray-NTFD

Chief Randy Willden – NTFD

Commissioner Myron Bateman – Tooele County Commission

Chief Kevin Russell – Excused

Harold Chadwick – Excused


Treasurer – Vote taken to consider move to Firefighters Credit Union

(Debit card issue)

UFRA – Raleigh

Winter Fire School (WFS) is coming together – Last 6 months preparing

Website up now-Classes are posted, Registration begins Nov 2nd @ 08:00 hours

SFM – Bryan

Legislative Update

Watch for retirement issues to be addressed again

Wildland retirement is a hot topic this year. Tom said he thinks it’s dead, Bryan thinks Jason Curry will work hard to get it going this year. (Tom said the wildland guys are in a 35 year system now)

Fire Prevention Week coming up fast – Oct 4-10

Fallen Firefighter Memorial at Fire Museum Oct 10th following the State Firefighters Association meeting

Apply for the License Plate Grant

Code Officials meeting Oct 21st. – State Senate Building

Utah State Fire Marshal’s Association training in January before WFS Jan 4-5 2016

Tom Wilson – TC FM

Tom mostly talked about MOU issues and bad attitudes in Tooele County-tired of people complaining about him behind his back. (FRUSTRATED) He would appreciate more cooperation with the Chiefs and his office.

Get the IC to sign paperwork.

Sheriff Wimmer – Excused

Bucky Whitehouse – TCEM

2015 HLS Grant coming out soon. If you are planning on any building remodeling, you need to be aware of the new Historic Building Preservation requirements. This has been extended to almost any building remodel, Technology installation, etc in a building.

Region II has issued an 18-month deadline on the 2015 grant so we get it spent.

Is everyone’s 2014 money spent?. If not, talk to Beckie NOW.

There is 2014 Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activity (LETPA) money available for training that can be tied to L.E. or Terrorism activity. Please apply and use the money. Any questions, please call Beckie. WFS could be valid use of the money.

Discussion on the Food Truck / Food Vendor issues surfacing in the County. NTFD, TCEM and the TC Health department are looking into fire code regulations relating to food vendors. Deep fryers, fire extinguishers, electrical issues, etc. It is becoming a problem and Bryan Thatcher stated that he had issues with the State Fair also this year. More to follow

Commissioner Bateman-

Use the Health Department for these issues, if the health department puts in a regulation, it becomes county wide and helps eliminate inconsistencies in code enforcement.

Bucky- Cont’d

Active Shooter drills and tabletops are coming. If you are interested, contact Bucky.

Bryan Thatcher stated that State Rick Management and State Office of Education are involved in the whole active shooter arena and have concerns about locking doors, blocking access, etc.

No longer coming to the meeting unless we have dispatch concerns.

Talked about the firefighter that sped through the Starbucks parking lot, lengthy discussion about FF plates and who can have them.

Chief Willden-

By-Laws discussion
We updated old language, removed old members who no longer attend the meeting and updated the by-laws to include voting language, etc.

By-laws will be sent out early November for review and final approval in November.

Discussion about teachers new to the school district “remodeling” their classroom in violation of school policy and fire codes. SFM and School Risk Manager will deal with these issues.

A/C Ray – Nothing

Chief Jensen – New truck is in town

Chief Harrison – Nothing

Chief Whitehouse – Out of the room

Chief Carlson – Nothing

Tom Wilson – Nothing

Chief Neil – Nothing

Chief Critchlow – Lantern Fest was a success, they want to do two per year. Starting in April, Any FF-I retakes? Chief Willden will be happy to retest any of the FF I-II students. Gerry has one, Tooele City has several. Get the names to Chief Willden

Road Closure in Grantsville was kind of a problem, notice would be nice. Concerns for traffic going to Autumn Fest in Box Elder Canyon.

Tooele Army Depot – A/C Tarpley

Brad Tippetts and James Tarpley and now the A/C’s. Hiring 4-5 new FF’s soon and several other positions are open.

Next Meeting – Nov 5th 2015

Motion to adjourn – So moved